Dosage forms exam 1 stability 3

  1. Chemical kinetics equations
    Rate= +/- dC/dT Concentration over time

    rate=k (a+b)[A][B]
  2. Reaction rates depend on
  3. Order of the reaction
    Sum of the exponents
  4. What are the greatest interest of reactions?
    Zero, first and second (mainly zero and first)
  5. In First order Rate is proportional to
  6. For first order reaction, plot of integrated Ln C vs T... (lnC=lnCo-K1t)the slope is what?
  7. Example of pseudo first order degradation
    Ester Hydrolysis
  8. Pseudo first order equation
    -dCE/dt= kCE
  9. Zero Order equation
  10. Zero order graph equation

    • Co is intercept
    • slope is ko
  11. To maintain constant concentration for zero order
    There is a resevoir of drug to replac the drug that is lost to decomposition
  12. Effects of pH on degradation rate
    Protons and hydroxyl ions can catalyze reactions (Ester hydrolysis)
  13. Max stability is located where at the graph?
    Where log k is at its lowest.
  14. Temperature affect on degradation rates.... 10 Celcius increase causes
    2-5 fold decay rate increase
  15. Arrhenius equation
  16. Arrhenius used to predict
    Shelf life for normal conditions
  17. Ampicillin freezing causes
    Pockets of increased conc. causeing increased degradation rate
  18. buffers in solution when freezing
    Can alter pH during freezing process.
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