DSF Exam 1 Stability 1

  1. Drug product
    Finished dosage form
  2. Therapeutics
  3. Epimerize
    one of 2 molecules that differ in spatial arrangement around single carbon atom.
  4. Tetracycline epimerizes to a ________ compound
    Nephrotoxic- there must be a strict limit on presence of these.
  5. Penicillins decompose to
    Allerginic compounds
  6. Organoleptic
    Susceptible to sensory impression
  7. Change in crystal structure
  8. Organoleptic properties- dissolution in suspension
    elicit taste
  9. Microbiological properties
    Unnappealing and/or deadly
  10. Esters
  11. amides
    dibucaine, chlorampenicol
  12. lactams
    Penicillins, cephalosporins, chlordiazepoxide
  13. lactones
    polocarpine, spironolactone
  14. initiation
    Formation of substrate free radicals
  15. Propogation
    Free radicals grow in number
  16. Termination
    Free radical combine to form intert product
  17. Sodium nitroprusside in aqueous solution has shelf life of _ years in dark and _ years in light
    1, 4
  18. Dehydration degradation
    Eliminate H2O from chem structure

    Example: PGE2, erythromycin, and tetracycline.
  19. Physical degradation
    Occurs under acidic conditions to yield less active product. Remove water from hydrate.

    Example: theophylline hydrate and ampicillin trihydrate
  20. Optical isomerization is due to_____ where as geometric isomerization is ________.
    Chirocarbon, cis-trans

    Trans vitamin A> Cis vitamin A
  21. Enantiomers
    Mirror images
  22. Chiral compounds make up____ % of drugs, most being racemic mixtures
  23. Albuterol is an example of a _____ mixture
  24. Levalbuterol
    R isomer- bronchodilator
  25. Thalidomide undergoes ___-catalizyed racemization in aqueous media
  26. Ampicillin
    Form dimers, alleren
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