Vocab 6

  1. Adage
    • a wise saying that has been much used
    • Syn:saw, maxim, aphorism, epigram
    • Ant:
  2. Agglomeration
    • a mass of things gathered or clustered togerther.
    • Syn:
  3. Anthropology
    the science of man.. the study of the human race with the cultures
  4. Ardent
    • glowing with passion; full of zeal
    • Syn: passionate, impassioned, fervent, eager keen burning fiery, hot
  5. Baton
    the light stick or wand used by the leader of an orchestra, chorus, or band to indicate the beat.
  6. Buffoon
    a person who amuses people with tricks, pranks and jokes; clown
  7. cognomen
    a surname; family name; last name; any name
  8. Curative
    having the power4 to cure; remidial
  9. Dais
    a raised platform at one end of a hall or large room; throne; seats of honor; or a desk
  10. Endemic
    • regularly found among a particular people or in a particular locality
    • Syn: native
  11. Erstwhile
    former; past
  12. Facet
    any one of the small, polished, flat surfaces of a cut gem. a small, smooth, or flat surface.
  13. Hermetic
    closed tightly so that air cannot get in or out; airtight; tightly sealed; confined
  14. Impact
    a striking. collision; strike
  15. Insinuation
    an indirect suggestion meant to discredit someone; implication; revolt; rebellion
  16. Insurrection
    an act of instance of open revolt against civil authority or a constituted government; rebellion
  17. Juggurnaut
    an idol of the Hindu god Krishna, pulled around on a huge car. a large, heavy vehicle, especially a heavy truck.
  18. Junket
    a pleasure trip, especially one taken by an official at the expense of the government; trip or tour. a feast or picnic
  19. Pandemonium
    the abode of all the demons; hell or hell's capital.
  20. Patina
    a film or incustation, usually green, on the surface of old bronze or copper, formed by oxidation.l
  21. Podium
    a rased platform, dais.
  22. Premonition
    a notification or warning of what is to come; forewarning
  23. Prodigious
    very great; huge; cast; wonderful; marvelous; amazing.. astonishing
  24. Prudery
    extreme mosesty or propriety, especially wnen not genuine. a prudish act or remark
  25. Pseudonym
    • a name used by an author instead of this real name
    • Syn: pen name; nom de plume
  26. Quest
    • a search or hunt
    • Syn: pursuit; expedition
  27. Recluse
    • a person who lives shut up or withdrawn from the world
    • Syn: hermit
  28. Russet
    • yellowish-brown or reddish-brown
    • Syn: rustic;homely;simple;
  29. Smutty
    • indecent; nasty; obscene.
    • Syn: ponographic, salacious; grimy
  30. Strident
    • making or having a harsh sound; creaking; grating; shrill.
    • Syn: piercing
  31. Stratagem
    • a scheme or trick for deceiving an enemy, a plan for a deception.
    • Syn: trickery; piercing; rasping; shrill
  32. Teetotaler
    • a person who never takes alcoholic liquor
    • Syn: abstainer
  33. Tour de force
    a notable feat of strength, skill, or ingenuity
  34. Turbulent
    • causing disturbance or commotion; disorderly; unruly; violent.
    • Syn: boisterous, uproarious, tumultuous, stormy, tempestuous, turbulent weather
  35. Vagrant
    an idle wanderer; tramp.
  36. Yarn
    • any spun thread, prepared for weaving or knitting.
    • Syn: a story; tale
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