major repair major alterations

  1. What does Major repair do to the product?
    It returns it to original.
  2. What does Major Alterations do to a product?
    it alters the products.
  3. AC 43.13-1B and 2B can be used for major repair and you don't need to fill out block 3 on form 337, if yes is answered on these questions?
    • It is appropriate to the product being repaired.
    • Directly applicable to the repair being made.
    • Not contrary to manufacturer's data.
  4. When can acceptable data used for a major repair?
    On a field approval.
  5. Form 337 box 1
  6. Form 337 box 2
  7. Form 337 box 3
    FAA only
  8. Form box 4?
  9. Form 337 box 5?
    Unit identification
  10. Form 337 box 6?
    Conformity statement
  11. Form 337 box 7?
    Approval for return to service?
  12. Form 337 box 8?
    Description of work accomplished
  13. The act of 1958 when the old CAA was changed to Federal Aviation Agency which allows for the issue of?
    • Type certificates
    • Production certificates
    • Airworthiness certificates
    • Also allows for the development of rules(FAR's)
  14. Airworthiness rules that define one of the minimum standards that a major repair or alteration must meet?
    • PART 21- certification procedures for products and parts
    • 23- AS normal,utility,acrobatic,and commuter
    • 25-AS transport
    • 33-AS aircraft engines
    • 35-AS propellers
    • 39-Airworthiness Directives
  15. There are two type of standards for it to meet its airworthiness?
    • Airworthiness standards
    • Performance standards
  16. Airworthiness is when the aircraft meets its?
    • Type design
    • And is in a condition for safe operation.
  17. Type design?
    Airworthiness standards
  18. Condition for safe operation?
    Performance standards
  19. How can a mechanic determine if a repair is major of minor?
    • part 43 appendix a
    • Manufacturer
    • Nearest fesdo office
  20. Permission by the FAA to use acceptable data in AC43.13-1B and 2B is found in?
    Signature Page of AC
  21. Data not approved for use on aircraft?
    • Sales catalog information
    • Newsletters
    • Magazines articles
    • Parts Manual(illustrated)
    • If not sure call FAA
  22. An STC is?
    A major change to a type design.
  23. Form 337 for major repair is kept?
    For one year.
  24. Form 337 for Alternations is kept for ?
  25. Field Approvals are granted by the approval of?
    • An FAA airworthiness inspector
    • (FSDO) by examining data or by physical inspection or testing
    • Or approving multiple installations by the same modifier
  26. Are you entitled to field approval if the form 337 is filed out perfectly
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