1. Mu 1
    • supraspinal analgesia
    • miosis
    • euphoria
    • alters perception to pain
    • N/V
  2. Mu 2
    • respiratory depression
    • sedation
    • spinal analgesia
    • CV effects-bradycardia
    • slowed gastric emptying
    • physical dependence
  3. Kappa
    • sedation
    • spinal analgesia
    • miosis
    • respiratory depression (?)
  4. Sigma
    • sydphoria
    • hallucinations
    • respiratory stimulation
    • muscle rigidity
    • tachycardia
    • mydriasis
  5. delta
    • supraspinal analgesia
    • spinal analgesia
    • behavioral
    • physical dependence
    • epileptogenic
  6. What distributive property accounts for the speed of onset of Fentanyl?
    Lipid Solubility
  7. What distributive property accounts for the speed of onset of Sufentanil?
    Lipid solubility
  8. What distributive property accounts for the speed of onset of Alfentanil?
    highly nonionized
  9. What do we know about morphine from it's distributive properties?
    • slow passage across BBB
    • slow onset and long duration of action
  10. What do Fentanyl and Sufentanil's distributive properties tell us about how they work?
    • Very high lipid solubility means a rapid onset and short duration of action.
    • High lipid solubility also increases first pass effect in lungs
  11. What do alfentanil's distributive properties tell us about how it works?
    • highly nonionized allows it to cross the BBB so rapid acting.
    • small Vd due to PRO binding allows for quick redistribution of alfentanil
  12. Which opioids metabolize to active metabolites?
    • Meperidine=Normeperidine which is CNS excitatory
    • Morphine=Morphine 6 glucuronide which is more potent and longer lasting than morphine
  13. Which opioid is metabolised through ester hydrolysis?
  14. Which opioids should be avoided in renal patients?
    Morphine and Meperedine due to their active metabolites.
  15. What causes muscle rigidity?
    High does, especially fentanyl and it's derivatives.
  16. What is the area stimulated to cause miosis?
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