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  1. Best subject, Favorite subject, The most interesting subject
    My favorite school subject is definitely English. English is the subject I've study throughout my school life, and it is always compulsory subject. The first main reason I really like this subject was that I could read a lot, reading was a hobby and passion I had as one of my own interests, so I could actually combine my hobby with my school works, which was great. Another reason was I was pretty good in English, and I was a bit lazy student. Being able to do this subject so well without having to try so hard, and that was really good, and that's why I guess it's my favorite subject. I didn't have work too hard.
  2. Homework
    I think that daily homework is necessary. We, students I mean, need home work so that we can practice. I personally learn more by doing than by reading or just hearing about thing. When I do something myself, I really learn it. And that is why I think homework is good for me. I can take the work home and go through the exercises or whatever at my own speed. I can find out the things I know well and the things I don't know well. Oh, but there is one thing about homework. I want to do it every night, but I don't want to do too much of it. I mean, practicing something five times is enough. I don't have to do it twenty times as homework
  3. Test vs. paper
    • I know exactly what the topic is when I'm researching a paper, but there are a large number of possibilities for questions on a test and that makes it much more difficult to prepare for.
    • In my experience, some teachers aren't very straightforward about their tests, and even though I've studied and understand the subject, sometimes the questions that you'd expect to see aren't on the test and some obscure information is test instead.
    • I got very nervous when I'm taking test, and that can affect my performance. Writing a paper doesn't cause me the same level of anxiety.
  4. Paper vs. presentation
    • oral presentations are easier in that they take less time to prepare and put less emphasis on grammar than papers do.
    • oral presentations are interesting and educational for the other students who listen to them.
    • many jobs require oral presentations, so students can improve their communication skills and develop confidence by speaking publicly as a student.
  5. Coeducation for men and women
    A coeducational school is a better environment fore both men and women, because it's more representative of the world they're live in after they finish school. In modern society, men and women will compete for employment opportunities, so it's good practice to compete in classes, and men and women need to learn has to interact socially, and a coeducational school provides activities and social events where they can associate with each other in a somewhat supervised environment. So I think if men and women are separated throughout their school life, it might be harder for them to work together and develop social relationships after they finish school.
  6. Computers or library
    • Computers provide access to more information than books, and they provide it more quickly.
    • In this modern world, every student needs to learn how to use computers skillfully.
    • We need computers more than we need books. If we buy more computers for our school, all the students will have access to the latest information.
  7. Do you prefer to study alone on work assignment from class or to study in groups?
    • When you are working in a team, there is many opportunities to share ideas, and learn from other students. In the group projects that I've done in the past, other team members often came out with a lot of ideas I never thought often, and that really help me to learn differently about things.
    • group work would be a natural part of most jobs, so for future careers, a lot of work that I am going to do will involve team work, so it is really good idea to learn how to cooperate, listen to other people, share your ideas and debate and discuss while you are still in university.
  8. Pass/Fail system VS. Letter system
    In my opinion, the letter grades system is the better. I see some advantage in the Pass/Fail system. For example, there is less stress on students, less pressure to try to get good grades. But, uh, personally I like the challenge of grades, of working to get grades. A grade of A+ or A is . . . it's something to aim for, like a goal. Uh, also, grades are a way to compare students, uh, to compare their performances. This can be important in ranking students and later, when students are . . . are looking out for jobs. For example, some businesses and, uh, some government agencies only hire people who are in the tops of their class if everyone had a Pass grade, they couldn't make good decisions about who to hire. So, all in all, I like the letter grades system.
  9. Grants vs. loans
    • I prefer loans because they make the student responsible. A student who has to pay back a loan becomes personally responsible for his education.
    • loans are safer for the school. Grants require the school to give away large amounts of money, and there is no guarantee that the school will get the money back.
    • a student with a loan is probably more likely to stay in school. If the student doesn't complete the degree, it will be harder to pay back the money.
  10. Online course/studying at home vs. classroom setting
    • Teachers help you focus on what you are learning. They can help you keep you from becoming distracted. They can show you the most important points in a lecture that you have to understand. If you study on your own, it might be difficult to keep your attention on the material, or to know which points are most important.
    • When students attend class, they receive the benefit of their teacher's knowledge and experience. The best teachers do more than just go over the material in the class textbook, they provide additional information in their lecture that can not be found in the textbooks.
    • Attending classes teaches students responsibility. Having to be at a particular place at a particular time helps them develop responsibility.
  11. Uniforms
    • First, you don't have to worry about what to wear each day,
    • second, when everyone is wearing the same thing; no one appears richer or poorer than anyone else based on clothing.
    • Finally, and most importantly, wearing a uniform promotes camaraderie and identification with a school.
  12. Describe a book that you believe is the most useful to you.
    • The gone with the wind, written by Magritte Mittel
    • Learning English
    • Good time killer
  13. Some believe that TV programs have a positive influence or negative effect on modern society.
    • Parents and child just watch silently rather than sharing their thoughts and experiences. This means that children are learning behavior from television, not from their parents.
    • These days, many programs and movies on television are violent. The more we see violence on television, the less sensitive we become to it. Eventually, violence doesn't seem wrong.
    • Watching television makes us inactive. The act of watching television requires almost no activity on the part of the watcher. We just turn it on and change the channels.
    • We watch television, we don't exercise our imagination. All the stories are told for us. We don't even have to imagine what a character or a place looks like because everything is shown to us.
  14. Parents should restrict the TV programs that are watched by their kids instead of letting the kids watch TV programs freely.
    Bad information in the TV programs
  15. Describe the most important decision that you have made in your life.
  16. Music and art vs. basic science
    • High school students decide which courses they want to study
    • A student prefers science to art, why should he waste his time studying art? In the long run, his efforts would be better spent on developing skills in a field that interests him. Obviously, if he has to direct part of his energy toward a course he doesn't like, he will have less time and energy to put toward his real interests.
  17. What do you do in your spare time?
    in this library, i can find almost everything i want to read, this experience make me feel relaxed and i can enjoy reading the book i love.
  18. using phone calls should be banned in some places
  19. Describe a celebration or moment which has made a deep impression on you.
  20. newspaper, TV, or teachers
    Advice, help, guidance
  21. Describe a social or politics celebration event in your culture.
    Lanterns festival
  22. Whether the government should assist to build museum and theater?
    • Preserve old, historical buildings
    • Tourist attractions, contribute to the economy
    • People enjoy visiting museums, hand-on exhibits
  23. Describe a place that you like best in your city. Describe a public area that you visit frequently.
    Public library
  24. When you are together with your friends, which place would you like to go?
  25. Do you like to eat at home or at the restaurant?
    Home, especially in this economic down turn
  26. studying method
    I usually have a prepared objective and focus on my study even before the class begins, therefore I am able to concentrate on the class and catch the important points during the lecture. It gives a better understanding of the subject.
  27. Big cities vs. small towns
    • The most common reason to study is to find a good job, and there much more job opportunities in big cities than in small town. If I study in big city, I can have a part time job while studing and seek the opportunity to work there after I graduate from university.
    • In the countryside, children have limited opportunities to see and learn about things. In the city, on the other hand, they are exposed to many different things.
    • In a small town, you have to have a car to get around because there isn't any kind of public transportation. In a city, on the other hand, there are usually buses and taxis, and some cities have subways.
  28. Novels, magazines and poetry
  29. Live alone or with roommates.
    • I think that living in a dormitory is a better situation uh especially for the first year at a new college.
    • Because of its proximity to campus, since commuting without a car can be quite an experience, especially when you have to commute long distances.
    • Meals might be provided, and this can allow students to devote time to their academics.
    • it is easier to make friends, dormitories are structured to provide opportunities for interaction and for making friends
  30. Some believe that computer have improved our lives while others think computers have caused a variety of problems.
    Convenience, online-shopping
  31. Describe one of the most important inventions in recent 100 years.
  32. Describe the characteristics of a good teacher/friend/neighbor
    Loyalty means always being honest to your friends and staying right beside them when they feel down. I'd like talk jane, we were been good friends since we were kids, she is alwasy the first one who pointed out my weaknesses directly. Thanks for her honest, i made quite progress.I really appreciate her loyality and treat her as a life long friend.
  33. Describe the characteristics of friends
  34. What do you think are the characteristics of a good parent?
  35. Work in the offices or at home
    • Enjoy the comfortable of home
    • Avoid the traffic in the early morning
  36. Who is the person you admire the most?
  37. Higher education for all students or only for certain students.
    • Everyone in the world should have the same right to acquire knowledge, no matter what his intellectual ability or financial status is.
    • People change all the time. A student who hated school as a teenager may start to like it as a young adult.
  38. Describe the most efficient transportation in your country.
    Subways, fast, clean, more passengers than bus or family cars
  39. Some believe that in comparison with those never attended college, people attended college will be more successful in career.
  40. Someone suggests school to cut the Recycling.
  41. To be a leader or a follower, which do you prefer?
  42. Which one do you think is better to help do research, internet or academic books?
    Books, more accurate,
  43. Some believe that TV, newspaper and radio have more influence on individuals than their relatives and friends, while others believe not. Which statement do you prefer?
    Advice, help, guidance
  44. If you get a chance to choose a job, what will you do?
    • Playing piano makes me get excited by playing those beautiful melodies. it gives me peace of mind.
    • it would be great to play those songs in front of relatives and friends
  45. Everyone has a goal to fulfill.
    Studying in graduate school
  46. Describe one of your challenging experiences.
  47. Some students would choose to study a subject because it brings plenty of job opportunities. Instead, others would choose to study a subject which really interests them, although it probably doesn't sell well in the job market.
    Choosing a major out of personal interest is a better idea, because personal interest contributes to our happiness.
  48. Which is your favorite type of movie: action, drama, or others?
  49. Choose one of your favorite methods to relax
  50. Is it important for students to attend class regularly or study by oneself?
    • Interaction with other students, practical knowledge and experience
    • Describe a most happy event in your childhood.
    • none
  51. Describe a school that you have attended.
  52. Some universities provide physical education. Others believe that physical education is not necessary.
    • It's good for their physical development. A lot of kids are overweight these days because they spend too much time in front of the TV or playing computer games instead of being active outdoors. So they should be encouraged to join a sports team.
    • Sport activities help them learn social skills because just by being part of a team. Play soccer, for example, really teaches kids about teamwork-they are literally all working together to score a goal.
  53. What do you miss most when you are away from home?
  54. Some people believe that we should help those in an emergency. Others think that we should first make clear of the situation, then decide whether to assist or not.
    Depends on the situation.
  55. Describe a special opportunity given to you.
  56. What kind of qualities should a good leader possess?
  57. People should always tell the truth.
  58. Describe an object which is very important to you and explain why it is of special value to you.
  59. Some people tend to judge a person on the basis of first observation. Some people believe it takes a long time to know a person well.
  60. What kind of job would you like to choose?
  61. Would you spend money for practical purposes or simply for fun?
  62. What do you think the students should do in their vocations?
    • I prefer long vacation because students can make better use of their vacation time if it is longer.
    • For example, students might be able to find a relatively fixed part-time job or an internship. That will benefit them a lot because they can learn lots of practical information and first-hand experience, which is unavailable in the classroom
  63. Newspaper or TV
    • it is very convenient to obtain information from TV. Once you have a television, you can simply turn it on whenever you want to get the information you need
    • TV can report the latest and even live event. the information on TV and computer are more up-to-date. The problem with printed news is it takes so long to produce it that stories could changed or more important news could have happened minutes after the newspaper is delivered.
  64. Describe an enjoyable event in your childhood.
  65. Letters, email or telephone calls.
  66. What is your best time in a year?
  67. One should live a relaxed life instead of always hurrying.
    • Relaxed life even though we need work hard in order to make our dream come true. it is not a good idea to be exhausted everyday.
    • Only relaxation can let one have a rest, which defenitly increase the efficiency when he or she goes back to work.
  68. Describe your favorite room.
    Living room
  69. Reach the destination directly or stop and look around the scenery along the way.
  70. When you choose to eat at the restaurant or cafe, what are the features that you care about most?
    Food and drinking, service, atmosphere
  71. keep old buildings or new buildings
    old buildings, history, tourist attractions
  72. get advice from family and friends or learn through personal experience.
  73. Some think the college education is very important.
  74. Describe a letter or poem or other piece of art that is important to you.
    Photograph peggy
  75. Which place do you like to live, the forest, desert, or plain?
  76. Describe an experience when you asked help from others.
  77. Some believe that the students should do some part-time jobs or summer interns to determine their future career.
    Do part time jobs
  78. Describe some kind of skill that you'd like to learn most.
    Playing instruments
  79. Some believe that the students should take a one-year break before attending college.
    Understand the important of higher education.
  80. Describe some good news that made you happy.
  81. only freshmen or with 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th grade.
    With 2n, 3rd, and 4th grade student
  82. Students will learn more when they have discussions?
    Share ideas,
  83. The most important lesson can't be learned in class
    Learning from mistakes
  84. communication is important.
    In today's society, we have to work cooperately with others. A good communicator find it is eaiser to put forward his ideas clearly. In this way, there would be fewer misunderstanding.
  85. Should the university education be free? Why?
  86. study in the moring
    the learning quality can be ensured in the morning because i am more energic in the day time than in the evening. Of course, i do not need so much mental effort to do simple labor work in the evening. Also, i can do my evening job after i finished school assignmnets in the afternoon. Otherwise, i would feel guilty when i put money on my top priority.
  87. Internet
    • As a student, the internet has the most significant effect on my study.
    • Using the internet saved me a lot of time. For example, with the click of
    • mouth, I can get tons of useful information from google, the searching only
    • takes a few minutes. But if I want to get the same amount of information from
    • academic books, I guess it will take me at least several months.
  88. Outdoor vs. indoor
    i stay in my office working all day long, I really need to go out with my family and friends during the holidays. It is valuable to spend my free time with my family, keep me in a good mood, and keep me energitic when i return to work.
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