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  1. efferent neuron = motor neuron
    CNS to muscle or gland
  2. afferent neuron = sensory neuron
    receptors (all over) to CNS
  3. synapse
    junction from nerve impulse from axon terminal to neuron or muscle cell or gland cell
  4. neuroglia
    support neurons
  5. dendr/o
  6. lept/o
    thin, slender
  7. sthen/o
  8. radicul/o
    nerve root
  9. thec/o
    sheath (meninges)
  10. ton/o
  11. -lepsy
  12. -plexy
  13. -taxia
    order, coordination
  14. pachy-
  15. agnosia
    inability to comprehend with senses even though senses are all intact
  16. asthenia
  17. ataxia
    lack of muscle coordination
  18. aura
    awareness of approaching physical or mental disorder
  19. clonic spasm
    alternate contraction and relaxation of muscles
  20. closed head trauma
    dura mater remains intact, brain tissue not exposed
  21. Guillain-Barre
    acute polyneuritis with progressive extremity muscle weakness
  22. hydroencephalus
    fluid in the ventricles, thinning of brain tissue, separation of cranial bones
  23. spina bifida
    neural tube doesn't close (tube that forms fetal brain and spinal cord)
  24. meningocele spina bifida
    meninges protrude through spine
  25. myelomeningocele spina bifida
    most severe--spinral cord and meninges protrude through spine
  26. occulta spina bifida
    on or more vertebrae malformed, spinal cord covered with a layer of skin
  27. paresthesia
    numbness, prickling, tingling or heightened sensitivity
  28. Reye syndrome
    acute encephalopathy and fatty infiltration
  29. EMG
    electromyography...assess nerve damage by recording action potentials in muscle
  30. MEG
    magnetoencephalography...maps neurons
  31. nerve conduction velocity
    measures the speed impulses travel through a nerve
  32. angiography
    radiography of vessels with contrast
  33. myelography
    spinal cord/nerve roots with contrast
  34. stereotaxic radiosurgery
    3-dimensional coordinates
  35. thalamotomy
    thalamus. treats pain, involuntary movements, emotional
  36. tractotomy
    nerve tract in brainstem or cord
  37. trephination
    circular cut into skull to relieve intracranial pressure
  38. vagotomy
    interruption of vagus nerve (for peptic ulcer)
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