History of Photography

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    • Boulevard du Temple
    • Daguerre - 1838
    • -took less exposure time
    • -of scene static and not moving
    • -Daguerreotype - photographed places in the city - first camera
    • -Anyone able to use a daguerreotype - artistic talent?
    • - Time of the Daguerreotype craze
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    • Pictures from "The Pencil of Nature
    • Talbot - 1844

    • -calotype
    • -paper photography

    -camera obscura
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    • Woman, Seated, Holding Daguerreotype
    • Anonymous - 1850

    • -collodion - allowing exposure time from being half and hour to 2-3 seconds - new horizons for photography
    • -Prices then dropped - weeks wages then brought it down to about a days wages - more affordable option
    • -exposure time being reduced - photography of people

    - Carte de Visite - people looking more modern and natural as themselves - photographs taken of themselves in their Sunday best, possibly with photographs of family to incorporate them all, pose with them as a family photograph
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    • Dead Communards of Paris
    • Anonymous -1871

    • -photographs were able to capture in images the stuff in society that no one wanted to talk about
    • -civil war, full scale of destruction of people being killed, hard to understand how bad it was till images came along

    -photograph has proof and power to project what is actually happening - evidence
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    • Lady of Shalott
    • Henry Peach Robinson -1861

    • -connecting the photograph to poetry
    • -Photography developed mostly in England, as opposed to France
    • -quality of realism
    • -Set up photography in a provocative way
    • -Critics realized that they were looking at a picture not a photograph
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    • Paris from a Balloon
    • Nadar - 1868

    • -series of photographs taken from a balloon
    • -First documented person to take aerial photographs
    • -Nadar promoted the impressionists
    • -Nadar opened up studio for impressionists
    • -His work inspired impressionists
    • -Impressionists would use the cut off frame like photographers...radical movement...influence of photography
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    • Onion Field
    • George Davison - 1890

    • -impressionistic photography
    • -influenced photographic style - attempting to take photography to another place, adding stylized element, a picture that is mediated through and impressionistic view
    • -first influenced by natural/natural photography
    • -no outline, softened edges, effect of painted surface, playing with content- manipulated in process of development
    • -object of controversy in photographic style
    • -linked ring - created an association of Bristish photographers that promoted the first photographic style - pictorialism
    • - classified as highest form of art that photography is capable of
    • -first movement of photographic art
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    • Self-Portrait with Brush and Palette, Paris
    • Edward Steichen - 1903

    • - member of the linked ring
    • -played around with layering affect with negative
    • -by the time, could have been mistaken for a painting
    • -used painterly effect to create works
    • LINKED RING - more modern, avant gard in the Americas
    • -broke away from traditional art making
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    • The Steerage
    • Alfred Stieglitz - 1907

    • -picture that stands out/alone
    • -showing the modern
    • -immigration - what's more modern than that
    • -technology of people moving
    • -the city developing
    • -sharply focused photographs not retouched, in black and white, not manipulated
    • -photography gives us a flat image
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    • Radio Tower Berlin
    • Laszlo Moholy-Nagy - 1928

    • -"new vision"
    • -main focus on photography
    • -could catch whole world that the eye could not
    • -photographers that would make you see the world differently
    • -birds eye view, abstract picture
    • -elaborate machines, casting light on them to create elaborate shadows in different ways to trick the eye
    • -camera's ability to capture it
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    • Cabbage Leaf
    • Edward Weston - 1931

    • -focused on form
    • -how two images can resemble one image
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    • Articles of China
    • Henry Fox Talbot - 1844

    • -allen sekhula brought this image too
    • -photographing what he owned
    • -insurance claims
    • -statement providing legal evidence of possession of objects
    • -photography provides actual evidence, tells us something about the real world
    • -documentary photographs
    • -subject behind the camera has an equally important role to play
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    • Front and Profile Views of a Malayan Male
    • J.H. Lamprey - 1868-69

    • -grid in the background
    • -system to photograph scientifically
    • -studied, and tried to draw conclusion
    • -early anthropology

    • used studies to justify stereotypes
    • -social darwinism
    • -study people based on appearance

    Germany people began to measure noses- Scientific Racism in WW1 WW2

    • Characterizing people with how they looked what their type was
    • -Racial nature of photography
    • -Highly subjective
    • -Stereotypes are not scientific
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    • How the other half lives
    • Jacob Riis - 1888

    • -describes a kind of label
    • -you are bringing attention to the problem but also creating a stereotype
    • -Growing passion fatigue-so used to same images therefore no longer compassion - stop being looked at - becomes a kind of image to look at
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    • Mechanic Working on Steam Pump
    • Lewis Hine - 1920

    • -Formal and visual quality of something
    • -Aesthetics of an image
    • -beautiful shapes
    • -modern
    • -mans body moves into the shapes
    • -not thinking of social reform, or how he has to go home and feed his children
    • -not compelling on compassion
    • -aesthetic image
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    • Prostitute
    • Eugene Atget - 1920

    • -prostitute seen as a modern figure and of the social climb
    • -who says what it is after the fact
    • -simply makes documents
    • -street photographer
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    • Migrant Mother
    • Dorothea Lange -1936

    • -"the Mother"
    • -the picture children of depression
    • -looking away from children, looks tired and fatigue - though pensive and determined
    • -husband and family
    • -image becomes a universal image of suffering
    • -personal story becomes used as a universal problem
    • -image now seen everywhere
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    • The Bowery in Two Inadequate Descriptions
    • Martha Rosler -1974-75

    • -Looking at other photographs and challenged the sentimentalism/ compassionate looked
    • -created photographs that talked about the inadequacy of photographs
    • -Talked about how neither told you about the reality of the Bowery
    • -Art photography
    • -Absense of people was more powerful than their presence
    • -By seeing a picture of something - you think you understand - but you don't
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    • Flag Raising on Iwo Jima
    • Joe Rosenthal - 1945

    • -photograph shows entire story on one picture
    • -Stand in for the story for the history - stands in
    • -important- used on stamps, important
    • -entirely posed image
    • -propaganda photograph
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    • Iraqi Soldeir
    • Ken Jarecke -1991

    • -image never leaked
    • -expression at the moment
    • -american attack
    • -remains of Iraqi soldier with last expression on his face
    • -picture was removed from wire, never shown in North America

    Tension between objectivity and subjectivity in documentary photography
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