History 3,4 WWII

  1. What was the Night Mare of Death
    Dieppe Raid
    • It was a failure
    • Rocks in tank tracks
    • No Tanks no protection
    • Goal was to hold dieppe for a day
  2. What territories did Hitler take prier to WWII
    Austria, Rhineland, czechoslovakia, Sudentenland
  3. Operation Barbossa
    Germany went against the non-aggression pact and invaded the soviet union
  4. Battle of Dunkirk
    Forced British and French armies to evacuate due to a German invasion.
  5. Allies: France Britain & commonwealth countries
    Axis: Germany, Italy, Japan
  6. Non- Agression Pact
    Both countries (Germany and the Soviet Union) would not fight each other if one went to war.

    They divided Poland
  7. Japanese Canadians
    1941 After Pearl Harbour was bombed, Canada became suspicious of Japanese Canadians

    1942 Government set up internment camps for them

    1943 Government confiscates and sells the property of the Japanese Canadians

    1945 The discrimination continued after the war. Japanese Canadians were given the choice to return to Japan or settle east of the Rocky Mountains.

    1988 federal government apologized and paid compensation to the internment camp survivors
  8. Rosie the Riveter
    was a tern widely applied to the women who worked in machinery factories
  9. Rationing
    Were limits on the consumption of certain goods especially food and gasoline.
  10. D-Day
    • June 6 1994
    • The Allies invaded with a well planned attack at Normandy
    • Canadians landed and took over Juno Beach
    • This lead to the German Surrender in 1945
  11. Operation Overload
    was a codename for the Allies invasion of Europe
  12. Final Solution
    Was a German plan to physically eliminate all the Jews in Europe
  13. Death Camps
    Were camps designed for mass murder.

    • 2 camps
    • Treblika
    • Sobibor
  14. Accomodation made for returning Veterans
    • Their old jobs were returned to them.
    • Time away at war was considered time on the jb.
    • Veterans were given preferences for government jobs
    • Small business loans
    • Unemployment insurance
    • Free tuition and living expenses
    • help obtaining home mortgages
  15. American connections increase
    • American companies increased in Canada
    • Branch plants opened in Canada
  16. Pros & Cons of American Companies moving into canada
    • Pros: Cheaper American goods
    • More Canadian jobs
    • Access to American products

    • Cons: Canadians buy more American goods instead of Canadian
    • Too much American Control
  17. Trans Canada Hwy
    • 7821 km, longest hwy in Canada
    • was expensive
    • wasn't completed until 1970's
    • changed how people & truckers traveled
  18. St. Lawrence Seaway
    • major trade route
    • allowed large ships a travel route
    • Atlantic port
    • by pass rapids and water falls
    • cost $630 million
  19. Trans Canada Pipline
    send Alberta's resources to Eastern Canada cheaply

    Ex. natural gas
  20. Diefenbaker
    Vision for Canada
    Wanted to make all heritages equal and to preserve British connections

    Ottawa should do more for the praries and Atlantic
  21. Legislation
    • Diefennbaker created the Canadian Bill of rights
    • (made to protect our heritage of freedom)
  22. Diefenbaker
    • contributions
    • built roads from igloo to igloo, winter construction project, oversea wheat sales.

    • Who he appealed to
    • only rural and older voters
  23. Pearson
    • Vision for Canada
    • Canada needed an identity to all canadians, looked to benefit both French and English.

    • Legislation
    • Pearson created the Canada pension plan

    • Contributions
    • Medicare plan, and the Maple leaf flag

    • Who he appealed to
    • Wanted to appeal to younger and urban voters
  24. Medicare
    • Definition
    • free healthcare for all canadians

    • Who created medicare?
    • Medicare was created in Saskatchewan on July 1st 1962, by Tommy Douglass
  25. Cold War
    • 2 superpowers U.S & USSR
    • Tensions are strong between countries

    • Conflicts
    • Korean War
    • Suez Crisis
    • Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Vietnam War
  26. NORAD
    North American Air Defence
    • Location:
    • NORAD is involved in North American

    • Members:
    • Canada, USA

    NORAD was formed to establish an intergrated North American Air Defence command
  27. NATO
    Northern Atlantic Treaty Organization
    NATO was formed as a military alliance of the western Europe and North America.

    NATO was formed in1949 because the USSR had a veto on the security council, the UN was powerless to stop USSR advances after the war.
  28. Warsaw Pact
    Was formed in1955 by the USSR. This alliance was made up of Eastern Europe and the USSR. A large part of the Northern Hemisphere was divided into 2 sides.
  29. Dew Line
    • Distant Early Warning
    • It was set up to protect the US from any USSR attacks flown over Canada.

    DEW line was the first station that would detect an attack

    • Arctic Region of Canada
    • 1958-1980
  30. Mid Line
    mid way through canada

    • incase the Dew line didn't detect the USSR plans.
    • 98 stations set up
    • radar stations
    • built in 1957
  31. Pine tree line
    • On Canada US border
    • 30 radar stations
    • built in 1954
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