King Richard I

  1. Born Sept.8, 1157 in Oxford, England
  2. Parents:
    ~Father was King Henry II
    ~Mother was Eleanor of Aquitaine
    ~Mother divorced King Louis of France
  3. Early Life
    ~Brothers-Henry, Geoffery and John
    ~Formally installed into power in 1172(age 15)
    ~Began his crusade in 1190(age 33)
    ~Wasn't the oldest, but gained kingship from regard to Aquitanian susceptibilities
  4. ~Well educated
    ~Noted for his chivalry
  5. ~Spoke no English
    ~Wrote poetry in Limousin and French
  6. ~Showed significant political and military ability from an early age
    ~Very courageous
    ~Favorite son of his mother
  7. ~Most of his career was focused on his Crusades. He was a large influence in the third Crusade, where his knowledge of seige warfar was shown.
    ~Took Taillebourg in just 2 weeks. Taillebourg was considered one of the strongest fortress-cities at the time.
    ## Richard the Lionheart
  8. ~Saladin captures Jerusalem in 1187. This is one of the main events that encouraged Richard to persue his Crusades, because he considered that it should be a free land.
    ~Richard and Saladin come to a truce in 1192. Rather than defeating him, Richard sees it as the noble thing to do to make a truce with Saladin. Prior to this, Christians had to pay a toll to enter Jerusalem. Their agreement was that Christians could enter Jerusalem without paying anything.
    ## Richard the Lionheart
  9. ~Cavalry were generally unorganized, and simply charged in to battle. King Richard 1 changed this, and unified them during battle, resulting in massive victories.
    ## The Third Crusade
  10. ~He was captures on his way home in Germany, where he spent several years in prison. His bale(twice the amount of England's annual income) was eventually paid by his mother.
    ~King Richard I's career was ended at the Battle of Chalut in France.
    ## The Third Crusade
  11. ~Died on April 6, 1199 of a crossbow bolt.
    ## The Third Crusade
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