ASL Glossary Terms Monday Quiz

  1. Deafness in hearing person, due to illness or accident
    Adventitious Deafness
  2. Asl or Ameslan;
    it is the visual language used by deaf people in the United States and
    American Sign Language
  3. a person who cannot hear speech or everyday sounds.
  4. - a person who cannot hear speech or everyday sounds
    Deaf Perso
  5. Deafness at birth
    Congenital Deafness
  6. A group of people who share the same language, similar
    experiences, attitudes, goals, and values and are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
    Deaf Community
  7. Using the language of signs and finger spelling to express
    Expressive Skills
  8. The use of the manual alphabet to spell words and sentenceswith the fingers one letter at a time.
    Finger spelling
  9. the movement of the body or limbs to help express or
    emphasize a thought or idea.
  10. A hearing loss of some degree from mild to severe.
  11. the characteristic of a sign resembling what it represents
  12. to form a sign using the manual alphabet hand shape that
    begins with the firs letter of the English word that expresses a similar
    Initialized Sign
  13. Any means of communicating through the system of sounds,
    symbols, signs, or gestures.
  14. A method used to understand unheard speech by observing lip
    and facial movements.
    Lip reading , Speech reading
  15. A separate hand shape using the fingers to represent each
    letter of the written alphabet.
    Manual Alphabet
  16. Using sign language and finger spelling to represent the
    English language, word for word.
    • Manually Coded English /or
    • manual English
  17. Communication features used with sign language that are not
    conveyed with the hands – body posture, head and body movement, and facial
    Non-manual Behavior
  18. Oralism Using a system of speech and speech reading to
    educate a deaf person Signs and fingers spelling are not used.
    Oral method, Oral training
  19. the use of American Sign Language in English syntax or word
    order; articles and inflections are usually omitted.
    Pidgin Sign English (PSE)
  20. To understand sign language and finger spelling expressed by
    Receptive Skill
  21. A visual language using either one or Both hands formed into
    unique shapes and movements to represent concepts and ideas, including finger
    Sign Language
  22. a person who expresses their ideas and thoughts through sing
  23. A pidgin language using American Sign Language in English
    syntax or word order. In some form of sign English all words are signed, while
    other sign English systems favor (asl).
    Sign English
  24. is the use of manual and oral communication, simultaneously
    to convey thoughts and ideas.
    Simultaneous method of communication
  25. the order or arrangement in which words are used to form
    sentences in language.
  26. The educational philosophy that all deaf people have the
    right to all information through all possible means including sign language,
    finger spelling, pantomime, speech lip reading, writing, pictures, gestures,
    facial expression, reading, and hearing aids.
    Total Communication
  27. 50% of the time deafness is caused by genetics
  28. Environmental factors that cause deafness
    • ·
    • Accidents

    • ·
    • Constant high noise levels

    • ·
    • Illness

    • ·
    • ototoxic drugs
  29. Rubella or viral infection contracted by the pregnant mother
    may deafen an unborn child.

    Cut off of oxygen while baby is being born


    Exposure to an explosion

    Heavy medication

    Injury to the skull
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