AP Vocab 61-90

  1. capacious
    capable of holding much; spacious or roomy
  2. captious
    apt to notice and make much of trivial faults or defects; faultfinding; difficult to please
  3. captivate
    to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence
  4. cater
    to provide food, service, etc., as for a party or wedding: to cater for a banquet
  5. concept
    a general notion or idea; conception.
  6. inception
    beginning; start; commencement.
  7. perceptible
    capable of being perceived; recognizable; appreciable
  8. precept
    a commandment or direction given as a rule of action or conduct; an injunction as to moral conduct; maxim.
  9. repectacle
    a container, device, etc., that receives or holds something
  10. recipient
    a person or thing that receives; receiver: the recipient of a prize.
  11. axiomatic
    pertaining to or of the nature of an axiom; self-evident; obvious, aphoristic.
  12. definitive
    most reliable or complete, as of a text, author, criticism, study, or the like; serving to define, fix, or specify definitely
  13. empirical
    derived from or guided by experience or experiment; depending upon experience or observation alone, without using scientific method or theory, esp. as in medicine.
  14. hypothetical
    assumed by hypothesis; supposed
  15. presuppose
    to suppose or assume beforehand; take for granted in advance; (of a thing, condition, or state of affairs) to require or imply as an antecedent condition
  16. rationalize
    to ascribe (one's acts, opinions, etc.) to causes that superficially seem reasonable and valid but that actually are unrelated to the true causes; to remove unreasonable elements from
  17. rebuttal
    to refute by evidence or argument; to oppose by contrary proof; a refutation with proof
  18. repudiate
    to reject as having no authority or binding force; to cast off or disown
  19. synthesis
    the combining of the constituent elements of separate material or abstract entities into a single or unified entity; a complex whole formed by combining
  20. verifiable
    possible to prove the truth of: a verifiable account of the incident; verifiable sales data.
  21. aberrant
    departing from the right, normal, or usual course; exceptional; abnormal
  22. anomaly
    a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form
  23. eccentricity
    an oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct
  24. endemic
    natural to or characteristic of a specific people or place; native; indigenous
  25. incongruous
    out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming
  26. mundane
    of or pertaining to this world; common; ordinary; banal; unimaginative.
  27. outlandish
    freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, as appearance, dress, objects, ideas, or practices; bizarre
  28. paragon
    a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence
  29. ubiquitous
    existing or being everywhere, esp. at the same time; omnipresent
  30. unwonted
    not customary or usual; rare
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