gylys ch 8 cardio

  1. blood pressure
    the force exerted by blood against the arterial walls during 2 phases of a heartbeat (systole and diastole)
  2. systole
    blood is forced OUT of the heart (strongest)
  3. diastole
    blood fills the ventricles (weakest)
  4. occlusion
    blockage in a canal, vessel or passage (closed)
  5. incompetent
    inability to adequately perform
  6. pericardium sac has 3 layers
    • endo
    • myo
    • epi
  7. aneurysm/o
    widening; widened blood vessel
  8. ather/o
    fatty plaque
  9. embol/o
  10. setp/o
  11. sphygm/o
  12. -sphyxia
  13. sten/o
    narrowing, stricture
  14. thrombus
    blood clot that obstructs a vessel
  15. embolus
    when a thrombus travels through the vascular system
  16. endarterectomy
    removal of innermost wall of artery
  17. CAD
    coronary artery disease
  18. coronary artery disease
    any disease that interferes with the ability of coronary arteries to deliver sufficient blood to the myocardium
  19. infarct
    area of tissue that undergoes necrosis following cessation of blood supply
  20. angina
    chest pain
  21. PTCA
    percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (balloon)
  22. CABG
    coronary artery bypass graft (uses vein)
  23. vegetations
    small masses of fibrin and platelets from bacteria lodging in weakened heart tissue
  24. varicose veins
    enlarged, twisted superficial--because valves aren't working
  25. bruit
    soft blowing sound aka murmur
  26. coarctation
    narrowing of a vessel (especially the aorta)
  27. fibrillation
    quivering/spontaneous muscle contractions causing ineffectual contractions
  28. palpitation
    sensation that the heart is not beating normally (can include lots of sensations, most are harmless, ones caused by arrhythmias are serious)
  29. patent ductus arteriosis
    didn't close after birth, and blood from the aorta gets into the pulmonary (lung) artery
  30. perfusion
    circulation of blood through tissues or the passage of fluids through vessels of an organ
  31. heart failure (old name congestive)
    failure of heart to supply adequate amount of blood to tissues and organs
  32. ICD
    implantable cardioverter defibrillator
  33. ischemia
    local and temporary deficiency of blood supply due to circulatory obstruction
  34. MVP
    leaflets of mitral valve prolapse into Left atrium (during systole). possibility of infection
  35. tetralogy of Fallot: congenital anomaly with 4 parts
    • 1. pulmonary artery stenosis
    • 2. interventricular septal defect
    • 3. transposition of the aorta
    • 4. right ventricular hypertrophy caused by overwork of right ventricle
  36. Stokes-Adams syndrome
    altered or fainting from decreased blood flow to the brain because of prolonged systole (absence of muscular contraction of the heart)
  37. cardiac enzymes
    • are released into the bloodstream from damaged heart muscle.
    • troponin T, troponin I, creatinine kinase
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