gylys ch 7 resp

  1. granuloma
    any type of nodular, inflammatory lesion
  2. status asthmaticus
    severe prolonged attack, doesn't respond to treatment
  3. surfactant
    lipoprotein decreases surface tension of alveoli, contributing to their elasticity and making breathing easier (reducing the work of breathing)
  4. pharynx
  5. 3 sections of -pharynx
    naso oro laryngo
  6. mediastinum
    space between right and left lungs (heart, aorta, esophagus, bronchi)
  7. Respiration: ventilation
    inspiration & expiration
  8. Respiration: external respiration
    gas exchange between alveoli and blood in pulmonary capillaries
  9. Respiration: transport of gases through body
    via blood
  10. Respiration: internal respiration
    gas exchange between tissue cells and capillaries
  11. anthrac/o
  12. atel/o
    incomplete, imperfect
  13. coni/o
  14. orth/o
  15. -capnia
    carbon dioxide
  16. -osmia
  17. -ptysis
  18. COPD is 3 diseases
    • chronic bronchitis
    • asthma
    • emphysema
  19. bronchodilators
    relax smooth muscles and open bronchi
  20. empyema
    pus in the pleural space
  21. hydrothorax
    serum in the pleural space
  22. hemothorax
    blood in the pleural space
  23. pneumothorax
    air in the pleural space
  24. pyopneumothorax
    pus and air mix in the pleural space
  25. pleural effusion
    any abnormal fluid in the pleural cavity
  26. auscultation
    listening to chest with stethoscope
  27. percussion
    tapping chest with fingers to determine what's underneath
  28. PCP
    pneumonia complication of AIDS
  29. -sphyxia
  30. compliance
    ease that lung tissue can stretch
  31. coryza
    cold (upper respiratory infection)
  32. pleurisy aka pleuritis
    inflammation of pleural membrane. stabbing pain
  33. pulmonary edema
    accumulation of EVF in lung tissues and alveoli, most commonly from heart failure
  34. pulmonary embolus
    mass (blood clot, tissue, air bubbles, bacteria) in the pulmonary arteries or its branches
  35. postural drainage
    positioning a patient so gravity aids drainage from bronchi and lung lobes
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