Muscular System

  1. Kinesiology
    science of movement
  2. Abduction
    away from body's midline Ex:swinging upper limb to side
  3. Adduction
    back toward body's midline Ex:bring toes/fingers together
  4. Flexion
    reducing joint angle in a anterior-posterior plane Ex:bending elbow = elbow flexion
  5. Extension
    increasing the angle in a .... Ex:straightening the knee
  6. Supination
    movement of wrist so hand is palm facing front Ex: carpal supination
  7. Pronation
    movement of wrist so hand is palm facing back Ex: carpal pronation
  8. Protraction
    moving a body part anterior in horizontal plane Ex: mandible moving forward
  9. Retraction
    opposite of protraction
  10. Elevation
    upward movement Ex:shoulder elevation
  11. Depression
    downward movement Ex:shoulder depression
  12. Inversion
    twisting of the ankle so that turns the sole inward Ex:ankle /tarsals, chimpwalk
  13. Eversion
    twisting of the ankle so that turns the sole outward Ex:ankle /tarsals, penguin walk
  14. Dorsiflexion
    tarsal flexion [so toes point up] (walking on heels)
  15. Plantar Flexion
    tarsal extension (toes point away)
  16. Rotation
    turning around an axis odontoid process of C2/axis Ex: on C2 looking to each side
  17. Circumduction
    movement 360 Ex: shoulder & hip circumduction moving arms/legs in full circle
  18. Hyperextension
    extension beyond starting position Ex: hip hyperextension; kick back with leg straight
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