Nervous system drugs

  1. Alpha 1 receptors
    • Distribution: brain, heart, smooth muscle
    • Postulated role: Vasoconstriction, smooth muscle control
  2. Alpha 2 receptor
    • Distribution: Brain, pancreas, smooth muscle
    • Postulated role: vasoconstriction, presynaptic effect in GI (relaxant)
  3. Beta 1 receptor
    • Distribution: Heart, brain
    • Postulated Role: heart rate (increase)
  4. Beta 2 receptor
    • Distribution: Lungs, brain, skeletal muscle
    • Postulated Role: Bronchial relaxation, vasodilation
  5. High risk breeds for idiopathic epilepsy
    Belgian tervueren, beagle, bernese mountain dog, brittany spaniel, cocker spaniel, collie, german shepherd, golden retriever, irish setter, keeshond, labrador retriever, poodle, miniature schnauzer, saint bernard, wirehaired fox terrier
  6. Glutamate
    fast exitatory synapses in the brain and spinal cord. also used at most "modifiable" synapses.
  7. GABA
    fast inhibitory synapses in the brain. many sedative/trnquilizing drugs enhance the effects of GABA
  8. Glycine
    inhibitory transmitter in the spinal cord
  9. Acetylcholin
    • transmitter at the neuro-muscular junction connecting motor nerves to muscles
    • also operates in many regions of the brain but using different types of receptors
  10. Dopamine
    Critical role in reward system
  11. Serotonin
    regulation of mood, sleep/wake cycles, body temperature. released during sunny weather, when eating chocolate, or taking ecstasy
  12. What medications can stop seizure?
    • Benzodiazepams--increase GABA
    • Diazepam is a short acting anticonvulsant used in
    • cats and dogs, and should be limited to stopping a
    • seizure in process if given IV. Intra-rectal can help
    • control seizures. Do not use Oral in cats==liver
    • failure
    • Pentobarbital - barbiturate (C2)
    • Use if Diazepam doesn't work, for tough zeizures
    • such as from otxins. Barbiturates are metabolized
    • by liver
  13. Drugs that PREVENT seizures
  14. Anti-ulcer drugs
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