Vocab Week 7

  1. Adonis
    A very beautiful or sexually attractive young man
  2. Aegis
    With the protection or support of someone or something, especially an organization
  3. Amazon
    A tall strong or forceful woman
  4. Ambrosial
    Suggestive of ambrosia, fragrant or delicious, of or worthy of the gods; devine
  5. Atlas
    Book containing maps, show where things are made or found
  6. Auroral
    Dawn (characteristic of), of or relating to atmospheric phenomenon, auroras
  7. Bacchanalian
    Involving a lot of drinking of alcohol, uncontrolled behavior and possible sexual activity, especially of a party
  8. Chimerical
    Hope or dream that is extremely unlikely to ever come true
  9. Draconian
    Describes laws, government actions, etc. which are extremely severe; going further then necessary
  10. Elysian
    State of great happiness
  11. Hector
    To talk and behave towards someone in a loud and unpleasantly forceful way, especially to get them to act or think as you want.
  12. Herculean
    Needing great strength and determination
  13. Hermetic
    Container so tightly closed that no air can leave or enter, group that lives within and don't communicate with those who live outside
  14. Iridescent
    Showing many bright colors which change with movement
  15. Jovial
    Friendly and in a good mood, situation that is enjoyable
  16. Labyrinthine
    Describes something that has a lot of parts, confusing
  17. Laconic
    Using very few words to express what you mean
  18. Lethargic
    Having little energy, feeling unwilling and able to do anything
  19. Lucullan
    Marked by lavishness and richness
  20. Martial
    Relating to soldiers, war, or life in armed forces
  21. Mentor
    Person who gives another person help and advice over a period of time, teaches how to do their job
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