Florida Law Overview and Definitions

  1. Part 1 of Chapter 494 is?
    General Provisions as they apply to mortgage professionals
  2. Part 2 of Chapter 494 is?
    Florida laws applicable to mortgage brokers and loan originators.
  3. Part 3 of Chapter 494 is?
    Mortgage Lenders
  4. Commission...
    The Financial Services Commission
  5. Net worth?
    Total assets minus total liabilities
  6. Servicing Endorsement
    Authorizing a mortgage lender to service a loan for more than four months.
  7. Nontraditional loans are defined to include all loanse except?
    30 year fixed rate mortgage
  8. Administrative Procedures Act is the administrative....?
    "how-to" manual for all administrative tasks
  9. 2002 Florida Fair Lending Act prohibits?
    prohibits a number of specific lending terms and practices that are characteristic of predatory loans and lending transactions.
  10. Chapter 673
    Uniform Commercial Code
  11. Uniform Commercial Code
    Chapter 673
  12. Instruments Deemed Mortgages andthe Nature of a Mortgage
    Chapter 697
  13. Chapter 697
    Instruments Deemed Mortgages and the Nature of a Mortgage
  14. Chapter 712.26
    Waiver of Release of Liens
  15. Waiver of Release of Liens
    Chapter 712.26
  16. Lending Practices
    Chapter 687
  17. Chapter 687
    Lending Practices
  18. Administrative Procedures Act
    Chapter 120
  19. Chapter 120
    Administrative Procedures Act
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