Florida Office of Financial Regulation

  1. OFR
    Office of Financial Regulation
  2. The Financial Services Commission is comprised of ?
    • Governor
    • Chief Financial Officer
    • Attorney General
    • Agricultrue Commissioner
  3. Who appoints the Director of the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR)?
    The Financial Servies Commission
  4. The Director of the Office of Financial Regulation is sometimes called?
  5. The Director of the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR)/Commissioner does what?>
    Supervises, directs, coordinates, and administers all activities of the OFR.
  6. The Director of the Office of Financial Regulation (OFR) has a Chief-of-STaff (COS), who reports to the COS?
    • Communications Director
    • OFR's three divisions
    • Independent bureau: Division of Finance, Division of Securities, Division of Financial Institutions, Bureau of Financial Investigations.
  7. What does the Office of General Counsel do?
    • Legal support of the OFR's daily operations
    • Represents the OFR in all administrative and judicial proceedings.
  8. What does the Office of Inspector General do?
    • Promotes accountability, integrity, and efficiency in government.
    • Serves as the chief interanl auditor and directs the agency's internal audit program and conducts internal investigations.
  9. What does the Director of Legislative and Cabinet Affairs do?
    • Legislative activities
    • Bill analyses
    • Assisting legislators with constituent issues
  10. What does the Planning and Budget Administrator do?
    • Agency budget
    • Annual Legislative Budget request
    • Monitors the agency's progress during the year related to operating expenditures and performance measurement.
  11. What does the Communications Director do?
    • Media Relations
    • Internal Communications
    • Community relations and outreach
  12. The Division of Finance is responsible for?
    Licensing and regulation of the non-depository financial services
  13. The Division of Finance (The Division) consists of?
    • Bureau of Finance Regulation
    • Bureau of Money Transmitter Regulation
    • Bureau of Regulatory Review
    • Director's office - Budge, Fiscal and Technology Unit
  14. The Bureau of Finance Regulation does?
    examines licensed non-depositry financial service companies...including individual mortgage brokers and businesses, mortgage lenders and correspondent lenders, consumer finance companies, etc.

    to determine compliance with the applicable statutes and rules.
  15. The Bureau of Regulatory Review does?
    • Reviews applications for licensure and registration
    • Monitors compliance with ongoing licensing, filings, and processing of license and registration renewals.
  16. The Division has regulatory authority over state chartered commercial banks, credit unions, savings associations, savings banks, credit card banks, non-deposti trust companies, etc. True or False
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