ch 12

  1. During high school
    • adolescents spend 2 times as much time with their peers as they spend with their parents
    • - As adolescents increase the distance between themselves and their parents, they increase interactions with members of the opposite sex
  2. subculture
    a subgroup within a culture, in this case a social culture; adolescent = social, values/morals
  3. crowd
    • groups know for certain values, attitudes, or activities, indicates who the adolescent is
    • ex. jocks - big on sports, cocky attitude; nerds - value academics - do well attitude; head-stoner-druggy like doing drugs; outcasts; trashy; goth; popular
  4. clique:
    a group within a crowd and indicates who the adolescent's best friends are
  5. Positive Peer Functions
    • 1. control aggressive impulses - Learn to be assertive
    • 2. obtain emotional and social support and become more independent - Support
    • 3. Improve social skills, develop reasoning abilities, and learn to express feelings in more mature ways
    • 4. Develop attitudes toward sexuality and gender-role behavior
    • 5. Strengthen moral judgment and values
    • 6. Improve self-esteem
  6. Homosexuality
    - well being dependent on acceptance from mom and dad
  7. Freud:
    -psychoanalytic theory of homosexuality: Freud's theory that if the child's first sexual feelings about the parent of the opposite sex are strongly punished the child may develop a permanent homosexual orientation
  8. Learning Theory
    belief that homosexuality is the result of learned experiences from significant others
  9. Biopsychosocial
    Theory that some factor in a person's DNA affects temperament, which affects sexual orientation - hypothalamus
  10. Reflexive Listening
    your not judging, you are accepting, not giving any suggestions, - this will help make the kid talk, think see that you are listening
  11. Sexual Behavior
    • - look at stats on pg. 329 in paragraph
    • - STI's: class of infections that are transmitted through sexual behavior (pg. 335)
    • - decrease age of sexual activity starting
    • - 1 million teens become pregnant each year, down 20%
  12. Sexual Behavior - Risk factors
    • - single parent
    • - sexually active sibling
    • - poverty
    • - sexual abuse
  13. Gangs
    • - rules
    • - better than home life
    • - protection
    • - the gangs the family they didnt have
    • - gives them a chance to prove masculinity
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