Earth Science vocab 2

  1. Silica
    material with composition of SiO2
  2. shield volcano
    a broad, gently sloping volcanic cone of flat-dome shape, usually seceral tens or hundreds of square miles in extent
  3. Composite cone (stratovolcano)
    a volcano that is constructed of alternating layers of lava and pyroclastic deposits
  4. caldera
    a large basin shaped volcanic depression, more or less circulr, the diameter of which is many times greater that of the included vent or vents.
  5. Lahar
    a wet mixture of water, mud, and volcanic rock fragments, with the consistency of wet concrete, that flows down the slopes of a volcano and its river valleys.
  6. Viscosity
    the property of a fluid to offer internal resistance to flow
  7. pyroclastic flow
    a high density mixture of hot ash and rock fragments with hot gases formed by a volcanic explosion or aerial expulsion from volcanic vent
  8. volcano bomb
    a blob of lava that was ejected while viscous and recieved a rounded shap while in flight.
  9. lapilli
    pyroclastic in the generals size range of 2 to 64 mm.
  10. Ash
    fine pyroclastics in the general size range of 2 to 64mm
  11. volcanic explosivity index
    the percentage of pyroclastics among the total products of a volcanic eruption
  12. Intrusive igneous rock
    igneous rock formed at considerable depth by the crystallization of magma
  13. Extrusive igneous rock
    an igneous rock that has formed by eruption of lava onto the surface of the earth
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