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  1. Koilonychia
    Spoon shaped nails, thin, concave- seen in anemia
  2. Cheilosis
    Reddened lips with fissures at angles
  3. Allograft
    Same species
  4. Xenograft
    Animal graft
  5. Leiomyoma
    Benign lesion of smooth muscle
  6. Osteosarcoma
    Malignant lesion of bone
  7. Glioma
    Malignant lesion of neurological cells
  8. Palpebral conjunctiva
    Mucosal lining covering inner eyelids
  9. Bulbar Conjunctiva
    Mucosal lining covering eyes
  10. Presbyopia & its causes
    Diminished near vision, due to age, and hardening of lenses
  11. Trismus & what it is seen in
    Inability or difficulty opening mouth, seen in peritonsillar abscesses
  12. Myopia
  13. Sensitivity
    the Test ability to find TRUE positives
  14. Specificity
    the test ability to find TRUE negatives
  15. Telogen Effluvium & what typically causes it?
    Hair falls out in handfuls, due to stress
  16. Alopecia Areata & What typically causes it?
  17. WISEWOMAN- what did it do?
    Provide screening/evaluation for midlife, minority uninsured women
  18. Treatment for Anthrax?
  19. Hemoglobin Electrophoresis, what is it, and what does it test?
    Gold Standard for thalassemia
  20. Foods High in Potassium:
    Most Fruits & Vegetables, OJ, Bananas,
  21. Foods High in Magnesium:
    Whole Grains, Whole Wheat, Nuts
  22. Foods High in Folate:
    Green Leafy Vegetables, Liver
  23. Foods High in Saturated Fat:
    Animal fats, Coconut Oil All those oils you'd put on your body to tan
  24. Foods High in Unsaturated Fat:
    Olive Oil, Canola oil
  25. Foods High in Calcium:
    Dairy, yogurt cheese
  26. How can a pregnant mom get calcium ADA easily?
    1 quart of milk/day
  27. Foods High in Sodium :
    Cold cuts, canned foods, preserved foods, prepared foods
  28. Foods High in Iron:
    Red Meat, Black Beans, organ meats, Spinach
  29. Foods High in Vitamin K:
    Green Leafy Vegetables
  30. What foods do you avoid in HTN and what do minerals do you want to get?
    Avoid High Sodium Foods. Get Calcium, Mag, and Potassium
  31. What foods do you avoid in Headaches?
    Chocolate, Aged cheeses, red wine, MSG
  32. What foods do you avoid when taking MAOI meds?
    Avoid High Tyramine foods: red wine, aged cheese, beer, chocolate, fermented foods
  33. What foods do you avoid in Coumadin?
    Vitamin K foods, Green leafy veggies
  34. When is pitting of the nails seen?
  35. What is another word for this: Eczema
    Atopic Dermatitis
  36. What is another word for this: Purulent otitis media
    AOM (Acute Otitis Media)
  37. What is another word for this: Group A Beta Streptococcus
    Strep Pyogenes
  38. What is another word for this: Tinea Corpis
  39. What is another word for this: pinworm
  40. What is another word for this: Scarlet fever
  41. What is another word for this: Swimmer's ear
    Otitis Externa
  42. What is another word for this: Genital Warts
    Condyloma Accuminata
  43. What is another word for this: Dic Douleureaux
    Trigeminal Neuralgia
  44. What is another word for this: Jock Itch
    Tinea Cruris
  45. What is another word for this: Giant Cell Arteritis
    Temporal arteritis
  46. What is another word for this: asthma
    Reactive airway disease
  47. What is another word for this: scalp ringworm
    Tinea capis
  48. What is another word for this: Virchow's nodes
    Sentinel nodes
  49. What is another word for this: Early Lyme's disease
    Erythema Migrans
  50. When is the CAGE test positive for suspicion of ETOH abuse?
    2 or more positives is suggestive of alcoholism
  51. Leukoplakia, what is it? Where is it?
    Slow growing white plaque of tongue, cheeks
  52. What does Leukoplakia represent?
    Precancerous, refer for biopsy to dx
  53. Who gets and What causes Oral Hairy Leukoplakia?
    Seen in HIV/AIDS pts, caused by EBV
  54. What is a geographic tongue?
    Normal variant, inflammatory process, causes grooves, etc
  55. Smooth shiny tongue? Anything to be concerned about?
    Atrophic Glossitis (B12 deficiency, iron deficiency, or chemotherapy)
  56. Primary or Secondary Prevention? Immunizations, Chemoprophylaxis, condoms
  57. Primary or Secondary Prevention? Fall prevention, bike helmets, health education
  58. Primary or Secondary Prevention? Mammo, FOBT, Pap
  59. Most common cause of non-occupational poisoning death in adults?
    Car exhaust, then cocaine/heroin, then antidepressants, then barbiturates
  60. Vitamin C Deficiency is manifested in?
    Bleeding gums, broken capillaries under skin, pinpoint hemorrhages, nonhealing wounds, collagen issues, muscle degeneration, rough brown scaly skin
  61. Vitamin B Deficiency, how does it come about?
    Inadequate ABSORPTION, no inadequate intake, due to lack of hydrochloric acid or lack of intrinsic factor
  62. What disease of elderly makes B12 deficiency more common?
    Atrophic gastritis
  63. Vitamin D Deficiency?
    Same as calcium deficiency, rickets, Osteomalacia
  64. Alopecia universalis?
    Total body hair loss
  65. What drugs can cause alopecia?
    BCP, ASA, Coumadin, antithyroid drugs, allopurinol, chemotherapy
  66. Do not take grapefruit juice or supplement EVER with these meds?
    Statins, digoxin, benzos, many ACE, ARB, and Calcium channel blockers
  67. What is pruritis?
  68. What is atopic triad?
    Atopic dermatitis, asthma, allergic rhinitis
  69. What is Samter's triad?
    Asthma, ASA sensitivity, and nasal polyps
  70. What is the best way to visualize jaundice?
    Look for icteric sclera
  71. What medications increase photosensitivity and therefore should avoid sunlight?
    Most antibiotics, hydrochlorothiazide, diltiazem, ibuprofen, naproxen
  72. What antibiotic won't cause photo sensitivity?
    Penicillin, amoxicillin
  73. What side effect can oral cholecystogram have to urinary system?
    Dye can cause burning with urination
  74. What is dysthymia?
    Depressed mood, low level depression
  75. What is the second leading cause of cancer death?
    Colorectal cancer
  76. What is the leading cause of cancer death for men and women?
  77. What does an IRB do (institutional review board)?
    Protects the rights of human subjects
  78. What 3 things must be present for malpractice to occur?
    Harm, Duty, Deviation (breach) from the Standard of Care
  79. Main reason for outpatient malpractice?
    Failure to diagnose correctly or in a timely fashion, such as in cancers
  80. What are the reportable diseases or findings?
    Gun Shot Wound, TB, HIV, Syphilis. Also abuse or suspected abuse needs to be reported. Some states also require meningitis, measles.
  81. At what percentage can the NP be reimbursed with billing?
    85% if see patient on own. But can be reimbursed %100 under MDs provider number if MD is involved.
  82. What is an occurrence based liability insurance policy?
    Better one to have. It covers you for an incident that happened during the policy coverage period, even if you are not presently covered by that insurance.
  83. What is beneficence?
    Duty to help others. Obligation to help those in need.
  84. What is non-malfeasance?
    Provider do no harm, with or without intention. If harm unavoidable, try to minimize harm. i.e.: educate person to decease drug side effect
  85. When is Autonomy is not a right for the patient?
    When their disease could harm another, i.e. Tuberculosis and refuse to take meds
  86. What is Justice?
    All people are to be treated in the same equitable manner
  87. Veracity?
    Be honest and give full disclosure
  88. What is duty?
    A relationship that exists between the provider and the patient
  89. What is breach of duty?
    Violation of accepted standards while rendering care
  90. Negligence?
    If no physical or emotional harm or injury occurred
  91. How long does it take for active immunity to provide protection?
    Take onset of 1 month, lifetime duration
  92. How long does it take for passive immunity to provide protection, how long does it last and how do you get it?
    Onset in ONE hour, lasts less than one year
  93. What vaccines are contraindicated with Baker's Yeast Allergy?
    Hepatitis B
  94. What vaccines are contraindicated with Egg Allergy?
    All forms of Influenza virus
  95. Allergy to Neo Mycin, Streptomycin, polymycin, what vaccines are contraindicated?
    Polio vaccine, MMR, varicella, smallpox
  96. What all pathogens does the pneumovax protect against?
    ONLY ONE- Streptococcus pneumoniae
  97. What vaccine is contraindicated in adult asthmatics, COPD?
    Live flu vaccine (Flu Mist) also only for people less than age 50
  98. What vaccine should be offered if patient is already HPV positive, or has genital warts?
    Still give the HPV vaccine, as it covers several strains, and may cover one she does not have
  99. When is live virus vaccines contraindicated in HIV infection?
    When CD4 T lymphocyte count is <200
  100. Contraindications to the live flu mist vaccine?
    <2, >49, egg or chix protein anaphylaxis, Kids on chronic ASA therapy, Guillain-Barre, asthma, reactive airway disease, Heart disease, Immunodeficiency, CD4 <200
  101. What adolescent and adult vaccines are given in a series of THREE?
    HPV, Hepatitis B.
  102. What adolescent and adult vaccines are given in a series of TWO?
    Varicella, Hepatitis A, and Penumovax is repeated after age 65
  103. What does HPV2 vaccine protect against?
    Strains HPV 16 and 18
  104. What does HPV4 vaccine protect against?
    Strains HPV 6,11, 16, 18
  105. When is Herpes Zoster vaccine recommended?
    All adults >age 60
  106. Who should receive the pneumovax vaccine?
    Smokers, COPD, Asthma, Chronic CV disease, DM, Liver disease, Asplenia, immunosuppressed, cochlear implants and CSF leaks, HIV
  107. Who should be revaccinated with Pneumovax?
    Any time after 5 years from the first, and are now >65 if ere vaccinated previously before age 65
  108. Is there virus shedding after flu mist intranasally?
    Yes. For 3-10 days post administration, live flu virus is shed from nose.
  109. What does hemoglobin electrophoresis test for?
    Sickle cell anemia or trait. Thalassemia minors or majors,
  110. Who is highest risk of suicide?
    Men, age 65 or older, or men ages 15-24
  111. Leading cause of death?
    Heart disease
  112. Second leading cause of death?
  113. Third leading cause of death?
  114. What is the number one cause of infectious diseases?
    Influenza and pneumonia
  115. Highest cases cancer in men?
  116. Highest cases cancer in women?
  117. Second and third cause of cancer in men and women?
    Lung cancer, then Colorectal
  118. Leading cause of cancer DEATH in men and women?
    Both share Lung cancer as leading cause of death
  119. What is second leading cause of cancer DEATH for men and women?
    Prostate for men, Breast for women
  120. Mammograms should begin?
    Yearly in women at age 40
  121. Pap smears in women should begin?
    3 years after intercourse, but not later than age 21
  122. When can PAP smears be discontinued or less frequently tests?
    Once aged 30, After 3 consecutive normals on PAP test, can then get screening PAP every 2 to 3 years. Once >70 with 3 normal PAPs in past 10 years can quit PAPs.
  123. DRE or PSA ACS recommendations?
    No recommended screening at this time, ALTHOUGH, annual PSA DRE is to be discussed and offered to men at 50. If African American or positive FHx, start at age 45 or even 40 if very positive risk.
  124. Colon cancer screening should be done how and when?
    ALL colon cancer screenings start at AGE 50. Yearly take home FOBT cards x3. Flexible sigmoidoscopy Q5 years. Colonoscopy every 10 years. However, if IBD, polyp hx, + FHx, make begin sooner.
  125. When would you do endometrial biopsy screening?
    NEVER as screening. However, if postmenopausal and bleeding then it is part of the diagnostic work up. However, if age 35 and strong risk or had hereditary non-polyposis colon cancer, annual screening should be offered.
  126. What is pneumonic for specificity?
    SnNout. SeNsitive test when Negative results rules OUT disease. Likelihood of it being sensitive enough to find true positive result in person with the disease
  127. What is pneumonic for sensitivity?
    SpPin. SPecific test when Positive test rules IN disease. Likelihood of it being specific enough to find true negative result in person without the disease
  128. vaccines contraindicated in pregnancy
    MMR, Flu Mist, Varicella, Varicella Zoster, HPV
  129. When can you get pregnant after live vaccines
    3 months
  130. Neomycin allergy, vaccine contraindicated
    IPV, MMR, Varicella, Varicella Zoster
  131. Egg Allergy, vaccine contraindicated
    All Influenza vaccines (live and attenuated)
  132. Bakers Yeast, vaccine contraindicated
    Hepatitis B (B- Bakers)
  133. Senile cataracts cause what type of exam abnormality and what type of vision abnormality?
    Lens clouding is seen. Progressive dimming of distance vision.
  134. What is risk factor for senile cataracts?
    Tobacco use, corticosteroids
  135. Which glaucoma causes acute vision loss and cupping abnormalities?
    Closed Angle Glaucoma. See Disc cupping, instead of normal saucer shape. Due to increased intraocular pressure. Usually unilateral. Pain.
  136. What vision is lost in macular degeneration?
    Central vision
  137. What vision is lost in Presbyopia?
    Close vision loss. Typical of aging.
  138. What is presbycusis?
    Normal age related hearing loss. C8 sensioneuronal hearing loss
  139. What does Kernigs sign check for and how it is elicited?
    Tests for meningeal irritation. Supine position, bend up knee and then try to straighten lower leg. If resistance to leg straightening due to inflamed lumbar root will have pain at hamstring.
  140. What does Brudzinskis sign test for and how is it elicited?
    Meningeal irritation if when supine patients head is lifted up into flexion, the legs also come up in attempt to relieve irritation
  141. What is anisicoria?
    Unequal pupils
  142. What is important to know about narrow therapeutic drugs and what are some examples?
    These are drugs that you need to draw blood levels on to maintain tight control of dose. Phenytoin, Carbamazepine, digoxin, warfarin, theophylline
  143. What are the Kubler Ross stages of grief?
    Shock, Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
  144. What is an antalgic gait?
    Limp of DJD of hip due to functional shortening of leg
  145. What is the Schamroth sign?
    Positive clubbing of fingers when you put nail beds together and lose diamond shaped space. A prominent distal angle between ends of nails
  146. What is a Hammans sign?
    Heart in spontaneous mediastinal emphysema or pneumomediastinum. A Crunch is heart when auscultated over the mediastinum with coincides with systole and diastole
  147. What is a hydrocele?
    Collection of serous fluid that causes painless scrotal swelling. Easily transilluminated
  148. What is a Varicocele?
    Palpable nest of worms scrotal mass that is only evident in the STANDING position
  149. Testicular torsion exam finding?
    Scrotal pain and loss of cremasteric reflex
  150. What is Phimosis?
    Foreskin cannot be pulled back to expose glans
  151. What is paraphimosis?
    Cannot get foreskin back over the glans
  152. What is cryptorchidism?
    Testicle located in inguinal canal or abdomen. An undescended testicle.
  153. What are the ABCTs of mental health status?
    Appearance, Behavior, Cognition, Thought Process
  154. At what age and how many inches in height is lost?
    After age 55, men lose 1 inch in height and women will lose 2 inches
  155. What is the Phren's test?
    Positive test will provide relief of pain with scrotal elevation above pubis
  156. When is Gumma lesion and Argyll Robertson Pupils seen?
    In Tertiary syphilis
  157. What is amaurosis fugax?
    Temporary, transient blindness of one eye
  158. What is pigueculaae?
    Yellow nodules on sclera with thickening of bulbar conjunctiva due to sin, wind, dust
  159. What is acrus senilis?
    Gray-white arch around the iris, seen in hyperlipidemia
  160. What are lentigines?
    Liver spots, age spots, due to due damage. Often on hands
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