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  1. vaccines contraindicated in pregnancy
    MMR, Flu Mist, Varicella, Varicella Zoster, HPV
  2. When can you get pregnant after live vaccines?
    3 months
  3. Neomycin allergy, vaccine contraindicated
    IPV, MMR, Varicella, Varicella Zoster
  4. Egg Allergy-Anaphylactic rxn, vaccine contraindicated
    All Influenza vaccines (live and attenuated)
  5. Baker's Yeast, vaccine contraindicated
    Hepatitis B (B- Bakers)
  6. Streptomycin Allergy- vaccine contraindicated
    IPV, Vaccina (small pox)
  7. Gelatin Allergy, vaccine contraindicated
    MMR, Varicella Zoster
  8. HIV & Vaccinations, when do you NOT give
    Live viruses cannot be given if CD4-T lymphocyte cell count is <200
  9. Hepatitis Vaccine Series- when is 2rd dose given?
    1 month after 1st dose
  10. Hepatitis Vaccine Series- when is 3rd dose given?
    5 months after 1st dose (6 months after 1st)
  11. When do you NOT give any immunizations?
    Moderate to Severe illness or hx of anaphylactic RXN to vaccine
  12. H. Influenza Type B Vaccine (HiB)what does it immunize against?
    Meningitis is its most severe manifestation
  13. How often Td Booster?
    Q10 years
  14. Fever and immunization contraindication
    Fever alone does not contraindicate immunization
  15. Healthy People 2010- what does it focus on?
    Health Promotion, Health Protection, Preventive Services, Data & Surveillance
  16. When can you d/c PAP smears
    At age 65 if past 3 PAPs were normal
  17. Glaucoma screening age
    Age 40 and then Q5yrs, Age60 Q2 yrs
  18. Prostate cancer ethnic group at higher risk & when do you screen them?
    African Americans, screen DRE/PSA age 40 then Q1yr
  19. Prostate cancer screening for non-high risk
    Start at Age 50
  20. When do you start Chantix? How long is tx?
    7 days prior to start date, then for 12 wks, with a 12wk refill
  21. Calculation of ideal weight for males
    100 lb for 5 feet, then add 6 lb for each inch over that
  22. Calculation of ideal weight for females
    100 lb for 5 feet, then add 5 lb for each inch over that
  23. How many calories in one gram of fat?
    9 calories
  24. How many calories in one gram of CHO or Protein?
    4 calories
  25. GOLD recommendation for COPD patient meds?
    Inhaled B2 agonist (LABA) plus Inhaled anticholinergic
  26. What does stress do in the body? (what does it release- hormones)
    Cortisol, glucose, glucagon, catecholamines, aldosterone, NA retention
  27. How do you prevent Travel's diarrhea?
    Cook it, boil it, peel it or forget it!
  28. What DEET strength is needed to be effective against Mosquito Bites?
    >35%.. but not on hands/face of kids
  29. Incubation of Flu?
    1-4 days
  30. What percentage is Flu vaccine effective?
    70-80% effective
  31. When (age cut off) is Flu Mist given?
    Live Attenuated Virus- healthy people aged 2-49
  32. What are s/e of intranasal flu vaccine?
    Nasal irritation, discharge, myalgia, fever, sore throat
  33. Contraindications to LAIV live flu vaccine?
    <2, >50, ASA, Chronic heart disease, COPD, DM, Pregnancy, egg allergy
  34. What is Amatadine and Rimatadine for?
    Influenza A only, not recommended much anymore, resistance seen
  35. What is approved for Influenza A and Influenza B treatment?
    Zanamivir (Relenza- inhaled) Oseltamivir (Tamiflu- p.o.)
  36. When is antiviral flu drugs started? What do they do?
    Start in first few days, shortens time frame of feeling ill
  37. MMR Vaccine- live or not?
    Live, attenuated
  38. How is MMR Administered?
    2 shots one month apart for adults born after 1957
  39. Rubella bad effects if contracted when?
    In pregnancy- extremely harmful effects to fetus
  40. What does pneumococcal vaccine protect against, in addition to pneumonia?
    Pneumonia, meningitis, septicemia, and death
  41. What strains are in pneumococcal vaccine?
    23 strains of Streptococcus pneumoniae
  42. Who should get pneumonovax?
    Those >65, smokers, asplenia, immunocompromised, COPD, liver, kidney disease
  43. What healthy people should be re-vaccinated with pneumovax? & what time frame?
    One time if >65 years old, if person was younger than 65 when got it first time
  44. Who should get pneumovax re-vaccination after 5 years?
    CRF, nephrotic syndrome, Asplenia, immunocompromised
  45. Hepatitis B is risk factor for?
    Hepatoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis
  46. Who is checked for Hepatitis B immunity?
    Health Care workers, IVDA, dialysis pts, immunosuppressed pts
  47. When are dialysis patients given booster Hep B vaccine?
    Check yearly, and booster if immunity <10
  48. What is characteristic about smallpox rash?
    ALL vesicular lesions on skin are at the same stage at same time
  49. Where does smallpox rash appear?
    Appears on tongue and mouth first as red spots then open sores, then skin
  50. What is the immunization called for Chicken Pox?
    Varicella-Zoster vaccine
  51. When is varicella mortality more common?
    Age 30-50
  52. If no evidence of varicella vaccines or immunity, what is vaccination schedule?
    TWO doses, 4-8 weeks apart
  53. When is Varicella vaccine given in pregnancy?
    It is NOT given in pregnancy, give right at delivery
  54. What microorganism causes Tetanus? And other info specific about it?
    Clostridium Tetani, Gram Positive, anaerobe, spore forming
  55. If never immunized and come in contact, what is given?
    Tetanus Immunoglobin and Tetanus toxoid
  56. Diphtheria vaccine, what is it given with?
    Given with Tetanus vaccine
  57. How is diphtheria transmitted and what is it?
    gram negative bacteria, person to person or via contaminated liquids (milk)
  58. What does Diphtheria cause?
    Severe Respiratory infection and Pseudomembranous Pharyngitis
  59. What is the Td Series?
    Primary is set of 3 (now, in 1 month, and in 6 months) & booster Q10years
  60. What's in a Tdap?
    Diphtheria, Tetanus, acellular pertussis
  61. Hepatitis A Vaccine, what is vaccine schedule?
    Now and then second in 6-12 months
  62. How is Hepatitis A Virus Spread?
    Fecal oral, contaminated drinking water
  63. Who should be immunized against HAV?
    Children, high risk groups, daycare workers, military, IVDA, liver disease
  64. What is so bad about getting Hep A? it is a self-limiting infection.
    Co-infection with B, or C, or chronic liver disease can lead to liver failure
  65. Polio Virus, how is it transmitted?
    Oral fecal route
  66. Tobacco Cessation Counseling, what are the 5 A's?
    Ask, Advise, Assess, Assist, Arrange
  67. Sandpaper rash, exudative pharyngitis, fever, anterior cervical lymphadenopathy. Rah erupts on day 2 of pharyngitis and peels a few days later, what is it?
    Scarlet Fever. It is strept throat with rash. Cause by Strept pyogenes, a group A beta hemolytic streptococci. TX same as Strept throat tx
  68. 3-7 day period of very high fever, and mild symptoms then discrete rosy-pink macular or maculopapular rash lasting hours to 3 days
    Roseola. HHV-6 virus. Mostly seen in kids younger than 2
  69. Posterior Cervical and Post auricular, Occipital lymphadenopathy 5-10 days prior to the rash onset which is diffuse maculopapular rash lasting 3 days, Mild symptoms of fever, sore throat, malaise, Rash and fever occur together
    Rubella. (German Measles or 3 day measles) location of occipital lymphadenopathy is pathognomonic for Rubella
  70. What is concern with Rubella?
    Congenital rubella is great risk to unborn child. It is a reportable disease if you diagnose it.
  71. Acute presentation of fever, cough, generalized lymphadenopathy, Koplik spots that appear 2 days prior to onset of rash?
    Measles. Rubeola. 10 day measles. Risk of pneumonia and death
  72. What are Koplik Spots?
    Palate Petechiae with onset of measles (rubeola) virus, white spots with blue ring inside of a red spot in oral mucosa. Helps to rule Rubeola in, but absence does not rule it out
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