Flight Deck Protocols.txt

  1. Flight Deck Protocols.
  2. Who may visit the flight deck in- flight? 1.3.18
    • Only persons on legitimate company business, CAA inspectors,Airways Corp or AirNZ engineers/staff on familarisation flights.
    • Must wear a CAA approved ID,holder of a letter of authorization from VP Flight Operations or nominated deputy, and have met flight deck prior to departure.
    • Must be escorted to and from flight deck by a Flight Attendant. No drinks allowed to be taken to FD by visiting officials.
  3. Who may travel on the flight deck? 1.3.5
    • Operating flight/cabin crew family members/partners i.e. on staff travel.
    • Known and identified Air New Zealand staff where there are no seats available in the cabin, persons authorized by GM Operations, Standards and Safety. (or nominated deputy)
    • Civil Aviation inspector responsible for the oversight of the aircraft operator.
  4. What are the flight deck door procedures? 1.3.16
    • Opening the flight deck door must be limited as much as practicable.
    • Requests for access other than for meals/refreshments to be directed to FA1 or deputy.
    • Ensure only appropriate people in door vicinity.
    • Request access from closest phone.
    • Ensure curtain or aft door screens the area between passenger cabin and flight deck.
    • On entry to flightdeck do not leave the door ajar. On leaving flightdeck check the door is secure.
  5. When is the flight deck door to be locked? 1.3.16
    From “doors closed” on departure until “doors open” on arrival except for as provided in the DDG.
  6. What happens if the flight deck door locking mechanism is inoperative? 41.3.7 and 61.3.7
    The DDG permits dispatch, pilots use deadbolt from engine start to engine shutdown. Two people must be on the flightdeck at all times.
  7. If the flight deck is unattended on the ground what should happen? 1.3.16
    The flight deck door is to be unlocked and secured open for servicing requirements.
  8. Can flight deck leave the cockpit to deal with cabin disturbances? 1.3.16
  9. With a two-man flight deck what must happen if a pilot leaves the flight deck for whatever reason? 1.3.17
    FA or deadheading crewmember in uniform to sit on the flight deck until his return.
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