Ch 8

  1. Where in plants photo occur?
    • By masophyll cells

  2. Stomata
    • Pores in the leaf surface that allow for gas exchange
    • Through the stomata, carbon dioxied enters the plant and oxygen and water vapor exit the plant
    • To conserve water under dry conditions, the stomata remain closed to reduce the loss of water vapor

  3. Thylokoids
    • Have double membrane. Stacked into Grana
    • Where photosyn. starts with absorption of sunlight. Thylokoid membranes contain a pigment -chlorophyll a and other accessory pigments aid it in a absorbing sunlight

  4. Two stages of photosynthesis

    • 1st stage: (light reactionsThe power of sunlight will 1.strip electrons off water and then 2. boost these electrons to a higher energy level. When boosted, the electrons are passed along through a series of the electron carriers. All of this takes place in thylokoid membranes. This stage ends when the original, energized electrons get attached to a mobile electron carrier - NADP+ that transport them to the second set of reactions.
    • 2nd stage:(Celvin cycle) attachment of electrons to CO2 and sugar the carbon fixation, occur in stroma

  5. photosystem
    • in thylokoid membranes, molecules collect solar energy and converts to chemical energy.
    • Components are: chloropyll a -serve as antennae that absorb energy from sun and pass it on to the reaction center.
    • At the center of photosystem is a reaction center(have special chlorophil pigments) that first receive solar energy from photosys, pigment sna transofrm this solar energy into chem. This molecules are the "primary electron acceptors)
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