English Vocab

  1. Arduos
    Laborious, difficult
  2. Abject
    Utterly hopeless, miserable, humiliating, hopeless
  3. Nebulous
    Hazy, vague, indistinct
  4. Atrocious
    extremely wicked, cruel, or brutal
  5. Dubious
    marked by doubt
  6. list
    to tilt, lean to one side
  7. Myopic
    Unable or unwilling to act prudently, shortsighted
  8. Prodigious
    extraordinary in size, amount, force, etc...
  9. Raze
    to tear down, destroy
  10. Incontinence
    lacking in moderation or self-control
  11. Usury
    the lending or practice of lending money with exorbitant interest
  12. Cupidity
    eager or excessive desire, greed
  13. Torrid
    oppressively hot, parching
  14. Avaricious
    greedy, covetous
  15. Stalwart
    strongly/stoutly built, sturdy, robust
  16. Annul
    to make void or null; abolish, cancel out
  17. Undulate
    to move with wavelike motion
  18. rapacious
    inordinately greedy
  19. viscous
    sticky, thick
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