Pharm block 1b

  1. what is the major NT of the post ganglionic Sym nerves?
    what is the exception?

    Exception is Sweat glands
  2. What NT supplies Sweat Glands?
  3. where is Epinephrine secreted?
    why is it only secreted here?
    • From the adrenal medulla
    • because it has the enzyme PNMP that converts Norepi to Epi
  4. Where is Dopamine used as the NT?
    • Basal Ganglia
    • Anterior Pituitary
    • Renal and Mesenteric vasculature
  5. What enzyme takes Tyrosine to DOPA?
    what is so special about this enzyme?
    • Tyrosine hydroxylase
    • it is the rate limiting step for the synthesis of epinephrine
  6. What is the enzyme that takes DOPA to dopamine?
    Aromatic L amino acid decarboxylase
  7. what type of receptors does NorEpi act on?
    Both Alpha and Beta receptors
  8. What is the most important mechanism for the terminasion of NorEpi?
    Neuronal Reuptake (other names are: Reuptake #1, or NorEpi transport).
  9. What drugs inhinbit the reuptake of NorEpi?
    Cocaine and Imipramine
  10. Once NorEpi is reuptaken via the Reuptake #1, what breaks it down?
  11. When is COMT used?
    where is it mainly located?
    What is the Major metabolyte of NorEpi Breakdown?
    • in the Circulation. There it breaks down the little amount of NorEpi that was not reuptaken.
    • It is mainly located in the liver.

    VMA-- Vanillyl mandelic acid
  12. What are the effects of Alpha 1 receptors?
    Where are they located?
    • activation of Phospholipase C--> production of IP3 and DAG--> increased Ca++.
    • Located in:
    • Eye--radial fibers
    • Arterioles and Veins
    • Bladder Trigone and sphincter
    • Liver
    • Vas Deferens
  13. What are the effects of Alpha receptor 2?
    where is it located? Functions?
    inhibits cAMP production

    • Located in: (the three P's)
    • Platelets---> Aggregation
    • Prejunctional receptors---> Decrease release of transmitter (NE)
    • Pancreas---> decrease insulin release
  14. Effects of Beta receptors
    Increase the activation of cAMP
  15. Where is Beta 1 receptor located?
    • Heart
    • JG cells in Kidney (increase renin release)--> increase BP
  16. Where are Beta 2 receptors located?
    • Blood Vessels of skeletal muscle--- Vasodilation
    • Uterus----- relaxation
    • Bronchioles------ Dilation
    • Skeletal Muscles------ Tremors
    • Liver----- Glycogenolysis (increase blood glucose levels)
  17. What is the difference between Dopamine receptor 1 and 2

    Wherare les located?
    1- increases cAMP whereas 2 decreases cAMP

    1- located in the Remal and mesenteric vasculature

    2- located in the brain
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