social science groups

  1. American Farm Bureau Federation
    Farm interest group that wanted inflation, price parity, and agricultural mortgage relief
  2. Birmingham Trade Council
    Group that reported an unemployment rate of 18% in southern cities in 1928
  3. Civil Works Administration
    Federal agency that paid 4.2 million Americans to work on roads, schools, recreational areas, and airports; accused of hiring people to carry out useless make-work projects, such as the placement of snowshoe rabbits on the Kodiak Islands
  4. Civilian Conservation Corps
    Popular federal agency that hired 250,000 unemployed young men to participate in conservation projects
  5. Committee on Economic Security
    Group of presidential economic advisors; traded healthcare for Social Security
  6. Committee on Un-American Activities
    House of Representatives committee led by Martin Dies; accused the Federal Arts Project of spreading communist propaganda
  7. Consumer Advisory Board
    Group suggested by advocates of consumer interests
  8. Council of Economic Advisors
    White House institution created during Harry Truman’s administration in order to give the president guidance on economic issues
  9. Department of the Consumer
    Cabinet level department suggested by advocates of consumer interests
  10. Fair Employment Practices Commission
    Organization created by Roosevelt in order to prevent a March on Washington by the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; affirmed the duty of the national government to ensure equality in employment
  11. Farm Security Administration
    Later version of the Resettlement Administration
  12. Federal Aviation Administration
    Agency created for airline regulation
  13. Federal Bureau of Investigation
    National police institution that was largely ineffective until Roosevelt renovated it in an effort to mitigate the public’s sense of vulnerability to criminals
  14. Federal Deposit Insurance Commission
    Institution provided for in the Glass-Steagall Banking Act in order to protect small banks; insured accounts up to $2,500
  15. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
    Agency created by Congress and headed by Harry Hopkins; distributed federal money to local agencies for the purposes of immediate relief
  16. Federal Farm Board
    Group created by Congress and Herbert Hoover; ineffectively tried to stop the decline in agricultural prices by buying surplus crops
  17. Federal Housing Administration
    Agency created by the National Housing Act of 1934; along with the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, set the stage for the modern mortgage and real estate sector
  18. Federal Reserve
    12-bank institution in charge of American monetary policy; maintained a tight credit policy immediately before the Great Depression and is largely blamed for causing the economic collapse
  19. Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation
    Institution created by the National Housing Act of 1934; along with the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, set the stage for the modern mortgage and real estate sector
  20. Federal Trade Commission
    Agency charged with the duty of supervising new securities by the Securities Act of 1933
  21. Home Owners Loan Corporation (65)
    Agency created by the Home Owners Refinancing Act in order to help prevent foreclosures
  22. Indian Arts and Crafts Board
    Group created by John Collier with the goal of supporting traditional native artists and enabling them to sell their work
  23. Industrial Advisory Board
    Part of the National Recovery Administration
  24. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
    Institution created to distribute private loans for the reconstruction of post-World War I Europe and the industrialization of Third World countries
  25. International Monetary Fund
    Economic institution created as part of a new international economic system
  26. International Trade Organization
    Theoretical organization planned by the United States and Great Britain for the minimizing of trade barriers; never established due to the prevailing isolationist attitude in the United States
  27. Interstate Commerce Commission
    Federal agency established to regulate the prices of railroad, trucking, and water carrier services
  28. ITO
    See International Trade Organization
  29. League of Nations
    International group that preceded the United Nations; supported by Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt but sacrificed to appease isolationists
  30. League of Nations World Court
    International judicial court; rejected by Congress in 1935 due to the forcefulness of the isolationist minority
  31. National Credit Corporation
    Institution created by Herbert Hoover in October 1931; intended to spend $500 million on toxic assets in order to stop the bank panic
  32. National Labor Board
    Group created by Roosevelt in order to satisfy both labor advocates and businessmen; established the Reading Formula, which was beneficial to labor but not enforced
  33. National Labor Relations Board
    Group established to settle labor disputes; largely unsuccessful due to a lack of power
  34. National Recovery Agency
    Federal agency that did not enforce the wages and hours established by new industry codes
  35. National Resources Planning Board
    Group through which Roosevelt significantly increased federal spending
  36. National Youth Administration
    Youth division of the Works Progress Administration; provided work study jobs to high school and college students
  37. Nye Committee
    Republican group that demonstrated that corporate conspiracies fueled American involvement in World War I; supported by isolationists and pacifists
  38. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    Federal agency that was dedicated to solving a broad variety of issues; demonstrated a departure from the previous policy of working on problems individually
  39. Organization of Unemployment Relief
    Agency dedicated to helping charities during Herbert Hoover’s administration
  40. Postwar Manpower Committee
    Group established by Roosevelt to maximize the efficiency of demobilization after World War II; advised a substantial benefit package for veterans
  41. Presidential Civil Rights Commission
    Organization created by Harry Truman in 1946 in order to demonstrate his commitment to racial equality
  42. Public Works Administration
    Federal agency headed by Harold Ickes and created by the National Industrial Recovery Act with the aim of transferring government money to citizens; constructed numerous new buildings, including housing projects
  43. Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    Institution established by Herbert Hoover in 1932; had the power to loan $2 billion of taxpayer money to banks
  44. Resettlement Administration
    Agency created during the second New Deal to help poor farmers; helped farmers relocate to higher quality land and learn more efficient techniques
  45. Rural Electrification Administration
    Federal agency established by Congress in the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act of 1935; worked on projects to distribute electricity in rural areas
  46. Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Federal agency created to prevent insider market manipulation and to regulate trading practices
    • Social Security Board
    • Group in charge of the management of Social Security
  47. Temporary Emergency Relief Administration
    New York agency that inspired the Federal Emergency Relief Administration
  48. Tennessee Valley Authority
    Federal agency that succeeded on numerous fronts, including the control of floods, provision of electricity, operation of the Muscle Shoals power plant, improvement of crop yields, reforestation, and restoration of wildlife habitats
  49. United States Communist Party
    American division of the Communist Party; supported southern sharecroppers
  50. United States Housing Authority
    Agency created by the Wagner-Steagall Act in 1937; provided 60-year loans to local groups for public housing projects
  51. Veterans Administration
    Institution provided for by the G.I. Bill; employed 17% of the federal workforce in 1948
  52. War Production Board
    Group through which Roosevelt significantly increased federal spending
  53. Works Progress Administration
    Federal agency created in 1935 and led by Harry Hopkins; represented an effort to unite previous public works projects, which were separate
  54. World Bank
    Another name for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  55. American Federation of Labor
    Group of labor unions divided by trade; a conservative organization established in the late 19th century and led by William Green
  56. American Medical Association
    Organization strongly opposed to national healthcare
  57. Bonus Expeditionary Force
    Group of World War I veterans that protested in Washington, D.C., in order to secure an early payment of benefits
  58. Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters
    African American organization led by Asa Philip Randolph; threatened the federal government with a March on Washington to protest segregation and racial discrimination
  59. Chicago Outfit
    Crime organization led by Al Capone
  60. CIO
    See Committee for Industrial Organization
  61. Columbia University Law School
    Educational institution that Franklin D. Roosevelt began attending in 1904
  62. Committee for Industrial Organization
    Group created by John L. Lewis to organize unskilled industrial laborers; later known as the Congress of Industrial Organizations
  63. Congress of Industrial Organizations
    Another name for the Committee for Industrial Organization
  64. Daughters of the American Revolution
    Group of women that denied Marian Anderson the use of the Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.
  65. Harvard University
    College that Franklin D. Roosevelt began attending in 1899
  66. International Ladies Garment Workers Union
    Union of women that was extremely active during the 1934 general strike
  67. International Longshoremen’s Association
    San Francisco organization that planned the San Francisco General Strike, effectively crippling operations in the city
  68. John Reed Clubs
    Groups that distributed communist propaganda in literature, movies, and music; first appeared in Chicago
  69. Ku Klux Klan
    Southern organization formed by Confederate veterans in order to fight local governments
  70. League of Women Voters
    Organization through which Eleanor Roosevelt pursued her own public goals in charity work
  71. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    Highly esteemed American civil rights organization; helped defend the Scottsboro boys
  72. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
    Group dedicated to the interests of countries that export petroleum; raised oil prices in 1973 because of the Yom Kippur War
  73. Special Conference Committee
    • Group established by the National Association of Manufacturers to influence the Industrial Advisory Board
    • Stable Money League
    • Farm interest group that wanted inflation, price parity, and agricultural mortgage relief
  74. Townsend Clubs
    Groups dedicated to the promotion of Francis Townsend’s pension plan idea; had more than 500,000 members by 1935
  75. United Automobile Workers
    Union of employees in the automobile industry; recognized by General Motors after a successful sit-down strike in December 1936
  76. United Council of Working-Class Women
    Organization of housewives that orchestrated a New York City protest against butcher shops in 1935
  77. United Mine Workers
    Union that assisted the United Textile Workers in the 1934 strike
  78. United Rubber Workers of America
    Union that organized the first sit-down strike, which proved much more effective than the typical picketing strike
  79. United Steelworkers
    Union of employees in the steel industry; recognized by the United States Steel Corporation on March 1, 1937
  80. United Textile Workers
    Union that began the 1934 strike; received no help from the AFL
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