Vocab List 10

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  1. Emigrate
    v. To move to a new country
  2. Eminent
    adj. Well-known and respected; outstanding
  3. Empirical
    adj. Relying on experience or observation
  4. Emulate
    v. To imitate; to follow
  5. Enroach
    v. To intrude; to trespass
  6. Enigma
    n. mystery
  7. Ephemeral
    adj. Lasting a very short time
  8. Epigram
    n. Short, witty saying
  9. Epitaph
    n. An inscription on a grave
  10. Epithet
    n. A term used to characterize something
  11. Epitome
    n. The perfect example of something
  12. Equanimity
    n. Composure; calm
  13. Equitable
    adj. Fair
  14. Equivocal
    adj. Intentionally unclear
  15. Erudite
    adj. Scholarly; deeply learned
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