Medication Administration

  1. What are the ten right's of medication administration
    • Right patient
    • Right drug
    • Right route
    • Right dosage
    • Right time
    • Right assesment
    • Right evaluation
    • Right to refuse
    • Right pt education
    • Right documentation
  2. How can you identify the right patient
    • Arm bands
    • Electronic scanning
  3. What are the three checks
    • Check the MAR
    • Check it before pouring
    • Check it when returning
  4. What are the routes of administering meds
    • Oral
    • Parenteral
    • Topical
    • Instilled in body cavities
  5. Where do you document
    on the MAR
  6. Where do you document refusal of meds
    on the MAR and in the chart then call MD
  7. What do you do with each med
    • Check the order with the MAR
    • Compare med to MAR
    • Pour the medication: prepare
    • Compare the med before putting it back
  8. What is the best position for the client
    fowler or semi fowler
  9. Whate on a DR order
    • Drug
    • Dose
    • Route
    • Freq.
    • Signature
  10. Whats a parameter
    a reason to withhold or not give a med if something is out of range
  11. When do you open medication packs
    at the bedside
  12. What meds can not be crushed
    • XR
    • SR
    • CR
  13. What do you do first
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