spanish vocab verbsch3.txt.

  1. abrazar
    to hug
  2. atraer (irreg.)
    to attract
  3. besar
    to kiss
  4. casarse (con)
    to marry, get married (to)
  5. confiar (confío) en
    to trust in
  6. coquetear
    to flirt
  7. dejar a alguien
    to leave someone
  8. dejar plantado/a
    to stand (someone) up
  9. discutir
    to argue
  10. divorciarse (de)
    to get a divorce (from)
  11. enamorarse (de)
    to fall in love (with)
  12. engañar
    to decieve
  13. merecer (merezco)
    to decieve
  14. meterse en líos
    to get into trouble
  15. odiar
    to hate
  16. piropear
    to compliment (romantically)
  17. ponerse (irreg.)
    to become, get

    • (Ex: to get nervous)
    • Me puse nerviosa.
  18. querer (irreg.)
    to love
  19. romper con
    to break up with
  20. salir (irreg.) con
    to date
  21. soñar (ue) con
    to dream about
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spanish vocab verbsch3.txt.
Spanish verbs about intimate relationships