1. Junkie
    a drug addict, especially addicted to heroin.
  2. Corridor
    a hallway
  3. Nightstick
    a short heavy club carried by police officers.
  4. Assault
    a violent physical or verbal attack.
  5. Watusi
    an ethnicity from Africa belived to be descended from the ancient Egyptians.
  6. Descendant
    an offspring or an heir.
  7. Pyramid
    a triangular prism built by the ancient Egyptians.
  8. Transistor
    a small amplifying device.
  9. Terminal
    • (adj.) causing death.
    • n.) where you leave or arrive from.
  10. Gabardine
    an expensive fabric used to make men's suits and coats.
  11. Pillar
    a free standing vertical support.
  12. Fanatic
    to be excessively enthusiastic.
  13. Saunté
    French for "to your good heath".
  14. Saloon
    a place for the sale and consumtion of alcoholic drinks.
  15. Lever
    a bar used to move something and one of the 5 simple machines.
  16. Navigate
    to plan or control the course of movement.
  17. Pier
    a platform over water.
  18. Slab
    a thick piece of concrete.
  19. CB Radio
    a citizen band radio.
  20. Vendor
    someone who sells things.
  21. Pommes Frites
    French for "fried potatoes".
  22. Cajun
    someone with a background of Native American, White, African, German, and French-Canadian mostly located in the New Orleans area.
  23. Confederacy
    an alliance or union.
  24. Memorial
    a remembrance.
  25. Historical Society
    a group dedicated to the preservation of buildings and monuments.
  26. Proprietor
    the owner of something (possessor).
  27. Instant Expert
    a person who thinks he or she knows everything.
  28. Free Enterprise
  29. Lake Pontchartrain
    a lake that seperates Louisiana and Mississippi.
  30. Caryall
    a covered truck.
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