Earth Science vocab 1

  1. mid ocean ridge
    a continous mountain range extending thought the north and south atlantic oceans, and indian ocean, and the south pacific ocean.
  2. rift valley
    the deep central cleft in the crest of the mid ocean ridge
  3. magma
    naturally occuring molten rock material, generated within the earth
  4. Lava
    molten rock that issues from a volcano or fissure
  5. hot spot
    a fixed source of abundant rising magma that forms a volcanic center that has persisted for tens of millions of years.
  6. map projections
    the process of systematically transforming positions on the earth's spherical surface to a flat map while maintaining spatial relationships
  7. Mercator projection
    map projection in which the equator is a straight line true to scale, the meridians by paralllel straight lines perpendicular to the equator and equally spaced according to their distance apart at the equator, and the parallels by straight lines perpendicular to the meridians and the same lenght as the equator. There is a great distortion at the poles.
  8. seamount
    a peaked or flat topped underwater mountain rising from the ocean floor
  9. contour interval
    the vertical distance between the elevations represented by two successive contour lines on a topographic map
  10. contour lines
    a line on a map that connects points of equal elevation of the land surface.
  11. topographic map
    a map showing the topographic features o the land surface
  12. relief
    the physical configuration of a part of the earth's surface, with refrence to variations of height and slope or to irregular of the land surface.
  13. Igneous rock
    rock or mineral that solidified from molten or partly molten material (like magma)
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Earth Science vocab 1
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