Integumentary Alterations

  1. Another name for atopic dermititis
  2. Dry skin
  3. scaly lesions and intense pruritis
  4. Dust mites
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  5. Pets or animal dander
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  6. pollens
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  7. Soaps or detergents
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  8. Food allergens
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  9. Changes in climate and temperature
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  10. sweating
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  11. Infections
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  12. Textiles
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  13. emotional stressors
    Trigger associated with exacerbation of atopid dermatitis
  14. Treatment of atopic dermatitis
    Control of symptoms by relief of itching, hydration of the skin and minimization of inflammatory changes.
  15. Keep child fingernails short
    Tx for atopic dermatitis
  16. Why shouldn't you use heat for treating atopic deteratitis?
    Aggravates itching.
  17. Promote hydration of the skin
    TX for atopic dermatitis
  18. Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
    oral antihistamine to treat atopic dermatitis
  19. daily bathing in warm water followed by application of an occlusive product such as a cream or ointment to seal in moisture.
    Tx for atopic dermatitis
  20. Why shouldnt' use use lotion sfor atopic dermatitis?
    Have a higher water content; however, they promote drying of the skin because of an evaporative effect.
  21. Most common prescribed treatment for atopic dermatitis and used to reduce inflammation
    Topica corticosteroids
  22. what is most often used to tx mild to moderate atopic dermatitis?
    1% hydrocortisone cream or ointment
  23. High potentcy steroids should be avoided in infants and young children for tx of atopic dermatitis?
    Risk of increased absorption and systemic side effects such as growth suppression.
  24. Tx for severe or persistent atopic dermatitis
    Wet wrap therapy, which enhance penetration of topical corticosteroids and may help relieve pruritis.
  25. Act specifically to suppress T cell activity, thereby inhibitin gthe inflammatory process involved in the development of atopic dermatitis
    Eladil and Protopic
  26. S/E of corticosteroids that is not seen in Eladil and Protopic
    Thinning of the skin, and therefore safe to be used on the face
  27. Worsening symptoms of atopic dermatitis may indicate...
    secondary infection or contact dermatits
  28. Atopic dermatitis often resolves by...
  29. Caused by contact with soaps, detergents, poison oak/ivy, fabric softener, and loations
    Contact dermatitis
  30. Colonization of the skin by _______________ ________ is present in 90% of children with atopic dermatitis
    Staphylococcus aureau
  31. Total serum IgE, Specific IgE antibodies and eosinophil counts are lab test useful in evaluating
    atopic dermatitis
  32. Bullae or vescicles & pruritis are signs of
    Contact dermatitis
  33. Erythamatous leasions signs of
    contact dermatitis
  34. Tx of contact dermatitis
    • Remove irritant
    • Cool compress (burrows solution)
    • -oatmeal soaks
    • antihistamines
    • Calamin loation
  35. Medication for severe diaper dermatitis
    Hydrocortisone 1%
  36. Overgrowth of pityrosporum - yeast
    Seborrheic dermatitis
  37. Scales, dandruff, yellow-red patches
    seborheic dermatitis
  38. Tx of seborrheic dermatitis
    Baby shampoo, emoillient x 20 minutes, gently brush and rinse
  39. Tx for adolescents in seborrheic dermatitis
    Shampoo w. selsun. Head and shoulders, oatmeal or cream for body
  40. spongiosis
    Inflammation of skin's spongy layer seen in seborrheic
  41. use of mineral oil left overnight 2- 4 weeks may aid in removing persistent scales
    Tx of seborrheic dermatitis
  42. sensitization phase
    Initial exposure to the antigen in contact dermatitis
  43. Elicitation phase
    hypersensitivity response in contact dermatitis
  44. Topical retinoids to comodones only, in the evening
    Treatment for comedomal acne
  45. Topical antibiotics to entire area, nnot just lesions
    Tx for mild to moderate inflammatory acne
  46. Oral antibiotics
    tx for acne, moderate to severe
  47. Oral isotrentinoin
    For severe papulonodular acne
  48. Tx of severe papulonodular acne during menses
    Norgestimate and ethinyl estradoil for flare-ups during menses
  49. Involves pilosebacceous follicles: pore, sebascious gland and tiny vellus
    Acne vulgaris
  50. Inreased production of sebum and androgen
    Acne vulgaris
  51. Comedones, non inflammatory lesions, may be open or claosed in
    Acne vulgaris
  52. Precaution in females taking isotretinoin (accutane)
    Need 2 negative pregancy tests prior to monthly and 1 month after treatment. Also need to use 2 forms of ctraceptives due to tertogenicity and adverse effects
  53. Use of noncomedogenics
    Used as an alternative cosmetics and moisturizers in acne
  54. Don't PICK or Squeeze!
    Acne teaching
  55. Tretinoin precaution
    Used for acne, and should be applied at night due to inhibition when exposed to ultraviolet light.
  56. When using topical and oral medications that cause photsensitivty in acne, it is important to use
    Sunscreen with SPF of 15
  57. Topicals used in acne may cause
    erythema, peeling and itching
  58. Auto immune disease causing hair loss on scalp and body
    Alopecia areata
  59. Highly contageous superficial bacterial skin enfection
    Impetigo conagiosa
  60. characterized by local inflammation and infection in the peidermis
    Impetigo contagiosa
  61. Vesicle with erythema surrounding that progresses to honey yellow crust
    Impetigo contagiosa
  62. Tx for impetigo contagiosa
    Crusts soaked. scrubbed off
  63. Bactroban/mupirocin is a topical antibiotic used for
    Imetigo contagiosa
  64. oral and systemic antibiotics such as dicloxacillin or cephalexin (a cephalosporin aka Keflex) are considered appropriate cost effective therapy for
  65. benign epithelial tumors
    Papillovirus aka warts aka varuka
  66. Salyicic acids can be used for tx of
  67. Cryotherapy can be used for
  68. Cautery or laser is a treatment for
  69. Fever blisters symptom/sign of
  70. Ulcers>yellow exudate>crust
  71. Tx for mild HSV1
    Hydrates, analgesics
  72. Tx for severe recurrent oral acyclovir
  73. Can be fatal in immunocompromised child
  74. Fungal infection in newborns
    Oral candidiasis (Thrush)
  75. Fungal infection in children using inhalers
    Oral candidiasis (Thrush)
  76. Fungal infection occuring with impaired immunity, or on antibiotics
    Oral candidiasis (Thrush)
  77. White patche in mouth resemble coagulated milk
    Oral candidiasis (Thrush)
  78. Pain with lesions
    Oral candidiasis (Thrush)
  79. Tinea capitus
    Dermatophytoses (ringworm)
  80. Tx for ringworm (dermatophytoses)
    Griseofulvin po, 8 wks
  81. Griseofulvin po is treatment for
    Dermatophytoses (ringworm)
  82. How long do you use griseofulvin po?
  83. Selenium sulfide shampoo used to tx
    Ringworm / Dermatophytoses
  84. How long should you use selenium sulfide?
    2-3 weeks, leave on for 10 mintutes
  85. Why are topicals innefective for dermatophytoses?
    Can't penatrate the hair follicle
  86. 2% ketocanozole used to tx
    dermatophytoses (ringworm)
  87. Tinea Corporis
    Body Ringworm
  88. annular expanding lesion
    tinea coporis
  89. raised erythematous border, scaly clearning center
    tinea corporis
  90. Washing the body with selenium sulfide shampoo is a tx for
    tinea corporis
  91. Tinea pedis
    Tineas pedis
  92. tx for tinea pedis and length of time
    4-6 weeks, antifungal
  93. Tinea cruris
    jock itch
  94. tx of tinea cruris and length of time
    lotrimin, 2-3 weeks
  95. Pediculosis capitis
  96. Tx for pediculosis capitus
    Pediculocidde (nix), removal with fine tooth comb
  97. What age should you not use Nix on a child? What is nix used for?
    <2 years, pediculosis capitis
  98. Highly contagious
  99. Female mite burrows under skin and lays eggs and feces in the path
  100. Itching noted for 1 month after infestation
  101. Erythematous, papular rash
  102. 5% permethrin cream (Elimite) x 1 to whole body
    Tx for Scabies
  103. Treat the entire family
  104. Permethin is safe for what age children? Treatment for what?
    Scabies, >2 mo old.
  105. Range for mild hypothermia
    32-35 C
  106. Range for moderate hypothermia
  107. Profound hypothermia
  108. Tx for profound hypothermia
    • Gradual core body rewarming
    • If immergened in water, CPR until body temp normal. Hypothermia may have preserved organs
  109. Volume expanders
    tx for profound hypothermia
  110. Internal warming
    tx for profound hypothermia
  111. Rectal probe for temp monitoring
    tx for profound hypothermia
  112. Humidified, warm 02
    tx for profound hypothermia
  113. Warmed IVFs
    tx for profound hypothermia
  114. Warm packs to core circulation areas
    tx for profound hypothermia
  115. Hemodialysis prn
    tx for profound hypothermia
  116. Hypoglycemia = IV glucose, tx in
    tx for profound hypothermia
  117. High risk areas for frostbite
    ears, nose, cheeks.
  118. Immerse in warm water for 10-15 minutes
    Tx for frostbite
  119. Narcotic alangesics used as treatment for
  120. Warm fluids po
    tx for profound hypothermia
  121. Amputation prn
    tx for profound hypothermia
  122. Elevate prn to promote venous return
    tx for profound hypothermia
  123. Who is at highest risk for animal bites?
    <8years old
  124. Crushing lacerations
    Dog bits
  125. Puncture wounds
    Cat bites
  126. Cultures are obtained after what?
    Animal bite
  127. Irrigate/debride after
    animal bite
  128. use local anesthesia after
    animal bites
  129. Antibiotic therapy after..
    animal bites
  130. Tetanus a possible problem after
    animal bites
  131. Tx for bites and stings
    • remove stingers
    • Cool, wet compresses
    • Antihitamines (benedryl)
    • Mild anagesics (acetaminophen)
    • Oral steroids
  132. past of meat tenderizer and 1 tsp water to site
    tx for bites and stings
  133. baking soda and water paste tx for
    fire ants
  134. Systemic reacction
    anaphylactic reaction
  135. tx for anaphylactic reaction
    emergency epi kit
  136. Medical ID important for
    anaphylactic reaction
  137. Systemic reaction can occur in what time frame?
    5-30 minutes
  138. Mild erythematous, painful purple bull's eye macule; fever, chills, malaise >>edema, tissue necrosis; slow to heal
    Brown recluse spider
  139. Keep area below heart
    brown recluse
  140. cleanse; cool compresses, analgesics
    Brown recluse
  141. If njo bullae, no further treatment and watch for secondary infection
    Brown recluse
  142. Fang marks
    Black widow
  143. Pain, edema, muscle cramps, crying
    Black widow
  144. Systemic reaction to black widow bite in how long?
    1-3 hours
  145. Malaise, vomiting, dizzyness, muscle ridgidity of abdomen
    Systemic reaction to black widow
  146. Calcium gluconate IV
    Emergency tx for black widow bite
  147. Anti venom
    Emergency tx for black widow bite
  148. Antihistamines
    Emergency tx for black widow bite
  149. hydrocortisone
    Emergency tx for black widow bite
  150. Rare, tissue destroying bacteria
    Necrotizing fascities
  151. Necrotizing fascities caused by
  152. Can be caused by minor wound, chicken pox, abraison, bruise
    Necrotizing fascites
  153. Enters bloodstream
    necrotizing facites
  154. Remove affected tissue or limb may stop progression
    Tx for necrotizing fascites
  155. Meningococcinum is a deadly infection in what age group?
    <5 years old
  156. Flu-like sx
  157. Large bruises with damage like 3rd degree burns
  158. Shock and respiratory failure
  159. Antibiotics treat infections and damage to tissues
  160. Fever and rash, seek medical attention immediately
  161. What bacteria are normally found on the skin?
    Streptococcal and staphylococcal
  162. what causes epidermal inflammation and formation of visicles or warts?
  163. Characteristic rashes are present with communicable _____
  164. What causes fungal infections?
  165. Affects the stratum corneum, hari and nails and are superficial and not in the skin.
  166. How long does it take for nits to hatch?
    7-10 days
  167. Life span of lice
    1 month on host, 48 hours without host
  168. A small, superficial, elevated lesion containing serou fluid is called a
  169. A flat, nonpalpapable lesion
  170. contains purulent fluid
  171. palpale lesion that is firm, such as a wart and does not contain fluid
  172. Which of the following are manifestations of scabies?

    Nits present
    threadlike rash between fingers and other moist areas
    Curcular rash on extremities
    Eczematous eruption in infants
    • threadlike rash between fingers and other moist areas
    • Pruritus
    • Eczematous eruption in infants
  173. Life cycle of lice eggs
    14 days
  174. what tempt to wash clothes in contact with lice
  175. Imetigo caused by what kind of infection?
  176. Scabies caused by a
    Caused by a burrowing mite
  177. Cold sore, and fever blister caused by what kind of infection?
  178. Ringworm is caused by what kind of infection
  179. Should you wash off zinc oxide with each diaper change?
  180. Constratch can be used to do what?
    Reduce friction between diaper and skin
  181. Medications used for relief of itching
    Claritin, atarax, and benadryl
  182. Acne may be genetically inheritied, T or F
  183. Acne more common in boys or girls?
  184. No association between stress and acne - true or false
  185. Comedones
  186. open comedones
  187. closed comedones
  188. Red, inflamed skin
    Diaper dermattis
  189. weeping, red vesicles and papules
    infantile eczema
  190. Comedones or pustules are associated with
  191. Thick and yellow scaly areas
    Seborrheic dermatitiss
  192. Which of the following medications can be used for children with eczema?

    Calamine lotion
    • Corticosteroids
    • Antihistamines
    • Calamine lotion
  193. Where ies eczema usually seen on a 4 year old child?
    AC, and politeal foassae in children 2-5
  194. A complication that may occur with acne and most types of dermatitis is...
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