1. truce
    (agreement) stop of fighting for a time 
  2. simper
    (give a) silly/self-conscious smile 
  3. lackluster
    (of eyes) dull 
  4. belligerent
    (person nation) waging war 
  5. highbrow
    (person) with superior tastes 
  6. mendicant
    a beggar 
  7. chauvinist
    a blindly devoted patriot 
  8. debacle
    a breakup overthrow* sudden disaster  [*renversement]
  9. idyll
    a carefree episode or experience 
  10. epiphany
    A Christian feast celebrating the manifestation of the divine nature of Jesus to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi.
  11. arabesque
    a complex ornate design 
  12. nexus
    a connection tie or link 
  13. dynamo
    a generator something that produces electric current 
  14. cohort
    a group or band of people
  15. elegy
    a lament, a melancholy, composition 
  16. harangue
    a long passionate speech 
  17. virago
    a loud domineering woman, a scold* or nag** [*râlement, **pester]
  18. paradigm
    a model example or pattern 
  19. recitals
    a number of performance of music 
  20. xenophile (zen-uh-fahyl)
    a person who is attracted to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs
  21. gourmand
    a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
  22. connoisseur
    a person with good judgement (e.g.. in art) 
  23. nostrum
    a quack* remedy, an untested cure  [*charlatan]
  24. incursion
    a raid a sudden attack 
  25. tautology
    a repetition a redundancy 
  26. conundrum
    a riddle* dilemma enigma  [*énigme]
  27. cabal
    a scheme or plot, a group of plotters 
  28. philistine
    a smug ignorant person one who lacks knowledge 
  29. strut
    a supporting bar 
  30. platitude
    a trite or banal statement unoriginality 
  31. buoyant
    able to float light-hearted 
  32. fledged
    able to fly, trained, experienced  [arrivé a maturité]
  33. ambidextrous
    able to use the left hand or the right equally well 
  34. temperance
    abstinence from alcohol self-control moderation 
  35. esoteric
    abstruse intended only for a small circle of 
  36. cornucopia
    abundant supply 
  37. profuse
  38. invective
    abusive language curses 
  39. obloquy
    abusively detractive language sharp criticism vituperation* [*cinglant] 
  40. accrue
  41. inured
    accustomed to adapted 
  42. homiletics
    act of preaching 
  43. rave
    act with excessive enthusiasm 
  44. agile
    active, quick-moving 
  45. adorn
    add beauty, decorate 
  46. surcharge
    additional load/charge 
  47. corroboration
    additional strengthening evidence 
  48. plead
    address a court of law as an advocate 
  49. epithet
  50. avow
    admit. Declare openly
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