Physio Tissues Test

  1. Epithelial
    forms protective coverings in secretion and absorption.
  2. connective
    supports soft body parts. binds structures together.
  3. Muscle
    Provides body movement
  4. nervous
    conducts impulses. Helps control and coordinate body activities.
  5. collagenous
    groups of the protien thread collagen. Flexible but not elastic- tensile
  6. Elastic
    made of the protien elastin, Branching mesh network. Thin, weak
  7. reticular
    thin collagenous fibers. HIghly branched. delicate support networks. in teh spleen.
  8. fibroblasts
    most common fixed cell type. large star shaped. makes fibers, secretes protien into matrix
  9. macrophage
    eats bacteria and foreign particles. wandering cell
  10. histiocyte
    originate from white blood cells
  11. Mast
    large and widely ditributed in connective tissues. Located near blood vessels. makes heparin. releases histamine
  12. heparine
    prevents blood clotting
  13. histamine
    causes inflamation
  14. skeletal
    voluntary movements of muscle parts. muscles attached to bone
  15. smooth muscle tissue
    involuntary movement of internal organs. Walls of hallow internal organs.
  16. cardiac muscle
    heart movements. Heart muscle
  17. nervous tissue
    sensory reception and conduction nerve impulses. Brain spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.
  18. epithelial membrane
    • serous fluid- lines membranes on the inside.
    • mucous- lines outside membranes (nasal, oral)
  19. cutaneous membrane
  20. synovial membrane
    lines joints. made of connective tissue.
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