Chemistry 121 test 2

  1. What is H+?
    Hydrogen Cation
  2. What is Li+?
    Lithium Cation
  3. What is K+?
    Potassium cation
  4. What is Na+?
    Sodium cation
  5. What is Cu+?
    Copper I cation
  6. What is NH4+?
    Ammonium cation
  7. What is Ag+?
    Silver cation
  8. What is Mg2+?
    Magnesium cation
  9. What is Ca2+?
    Calcium cation
  10. What is Sr2+?
    Strontium cation
  11. What is Fe2+?
    Iron II cation
  12. What is Cu2+?
    Copper II cation
  13. What is Hg2+?
    Mercury II cation
  14. What is Pb2+?
    Lead II cation
  15. What is Al3+?
    Aluminum cation
  16. What is Fe3+?
    Iron III cation
  17. What is Mn3+?
    Manganese cation
  18. What if F-?
    Fluoride anion
  19. What si Cl-?
    Chloride anion
  20. What is Br-?
    Bromide anion
  21. What is I-?
    Iodide anion
  22. What is NO3-?
    Nitrate anion
  23. What is NO2-?
    Nitrite anion
  24. What is OH-?
    Hydroxide anion
  25. What is CN-
    Cyanide anion
  26. What is C2H3O2-?
    Acetate anion
  27. What is HCO3-?
    Bicarbonate (hydrogen Carbonate) anion
  28. What is HSO4-?
    Bisulfate (hydrogen sulfate) anion
  29. What is S2-?
    Sulfide anion
  30. What is O2-?
    Oxide anion
  31. What is SO42-?
  32. Sulfate anion
  33. What is SO32-?
    Sulfite anion
  34. What is CO32-?
    Carbonate anion
  35. what is O22-?
    Peroxide anion
  36. what is PO43-?
    Phosphate anion
  37. What is positive ions?
  38. What is negative ions?
  39. What is the octet rule?
    The tendency for atoms to want eight electons in the valence shell.
  40. What is a covalent bond?
    When two atoms each share a valence electron with the other
  41. What is an ionic bond?
    When one atom steals a valence electron from another.
  42. A bond is polar covalent if
    one atom has greater "pull" on the electrons of the bond
  43. What is a polor covalent bond?
  44. A bond is NONpolar covalent if
    neither atom has greater pull on the electrons of the bond
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