quiz 5

  1. what was the Sherman antitrust act supposed to prevent
    • ·Tried to make monopolies illegal
    • ·Didn’t work
  2. what were some of the new inventions and innovations which came out during the late 19th century
    • ·Electric Light Bulb- Thomas Edison (Has the most patents to his name)
    • ·Telephone- Alexander Gram Bell
    • ·Refrigeration
    • ·Elevator
    • ·Boxed Cereal
    • ·Electric Dynamo
  3. when did the US census bureau say the frontier was closed
  4. what did the pacific railroad act do
    • ·Congress thought the west could only be civilized by a transcontinental railroad.
    • ·Offered incentives to any company that would help build the railroad.
    • ·They offered subsidies. (Government pays for construction)
    • ·Free Land
  5. how did the federal government encourage people to move west
    • ·The Homestead Act
    • ·If you settle on an unclaimed piece of land and stay for seven years, it is yours free (up to 160 Acres)
  6. why did people move to the west
  7. ·Young soldiers wanted to take advantage of the homestead act this after the civil war.
    • ·Joseph Glidon- Invented Barbed Wire
    • ·This changes the west by fencing off property instead of using free range cattle ranching.
  8. what happened to Johnson in 1868 that had never happened to a president before
    • ·he purposely broke one of the laws that limited his authority
    • ·congress impeached him in spring of 1868
  9. what were carpetbaggers
    • they were republicans elected by the blacks of the south
    • these men moved down to the north so that the blacks would elect them
  10. how did the south react
    ·they hated this so congress made blacks able to vote by passing th 15th amendment
  11. what did the first reconstruction act do
    ·Divided the former Confederacy into 5 military districts, each to be occupied by federal troops.
  12. what did the 14th amendment do
    • ·Born in US you are a citizen regardless of race. (Undoes Dred Scott)
    • ·Forbids state rights to treat their citizens unequally. (Makes the Black Codes unconstitutional)
    • ·South is stripped of it’s leadership
  13. what was the effect of the congressional override of Johnsons veto of the civil act?
    Congress took control of the government away from Johnson
  14. what were the black codes
    • ·Required a majority of Southern Voters to take a loyalty oath.
    • ·Lincoln vetoes the bill.
  15. what was Johnson plan for reconstruction
    • ·He thought the south should come back into the union without any punishments
    • ·He believed the states should be able to run themselves
  16. what was lincolns plan for reconstruction
    • ·The 10% plan
    • ·In order for a southern state to get back its rights it must:
    • ·Admit that slavery is over.
    • ·Get 10% of its registered voters to take a loyalty oath to the United States.
  17. what was arguably the most essential business of the late 19th century
  18. how well did the US economy grow in the second half the 19th century
    major industrial revolution
  19. what was the wild west really like
    not as wild
  20. what ended reconstruction
    the compromise of 1877
  21. what were reconstruction success
    • racial equality social equality
    • private property is the most precious thing
    • west wasn’t so wild most westerners were farmers NYC in 1880’s was more dangerous than the western frontier
  22. what were reconstructions failings
    economic equality
  23. how did the plains tribes of native Americans react to westward immigration
    reservation policy designated land for native Americans and if you stay us gov will supply you. When you they leave the reservation they fight with the US army
  24. what determined the outcome of the indian wars
    extinction of buffalo
  25. what did the Dawes severalty act do
    changed natives lives tribes were illegal but us would give them land if they behave
  26. did Dawes Severalty have a positive or negative effect on native American
  27. why did the economy grow in the second half of the 19th century
    it was possible for the Govt to abstract
  28. did this result in everybody getting rich
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