Unit 7 Acellular Microbes

  1. Virus
    Non cellular, use cell to replicate
  2. viroid
    • "sub viruses"
    • plant pathogens
    • consist only of RNA - single stranded covalent circles
    • stable
  3. prion
    • infectious protein
    • no genetic material
  4. bacteriophage
    bacterial virus
  5. capsid
    protein coat which protects nucleic acid
  6. nucleocapsid
    capsid and nucleic acid
  7. envelope
    membrane surrounding some viruses
  8. adsorption
    phage or virus attaches to cell
  9. penetration
    Process of the virus or viral nucleic acid getting into the cell
  10. non-enveloped virus
    ligand is in the capsid of the virus
  11. enveloped virus
    ligand is in the envelope of the virus
  12. latency
    when virus infects cell and becomes dormant
  13. What are examples of some latent viruses?
    • -chicken pox
    • -shingles
    • -herpes
    • -HIV & AIDS
    • -cold sores, genital sores
  14. All viruses that can go latent are:

    A) ineffective
    B) DNA
    C) budding
    D) Retroviruses
    B & D
  15. Retrovirus
    Have extra steps in b/t penetration and multiplication
  16. What must a retrovirus do in between penetration and multiplation?
    Copy viral RNA to DNA (reverse transcription)
  17. Satellite virus
    • Viruses that have defective viral genomes
    • "parasitzes" another virus called the helper virus
  18. segmented virus
    multiple RNA segments that must all be packaged into a single virion to make an infectious virus
  19. multipartate virus
    A virus with several genome segments that are packaged w/ 2-3 segments per virion
  20. + RNA
    • equivalent to mRNA; immediately codes for protein upon entering the cells
    • most are infections w/out any other viral proteins
  21. -RNA
    • equivalent to DNA
    • must first be copied into +RNA/mRNA to make a protein
    • must enter cell w/ an RNA dependant RNA polymerase to make the +RNA infectious
  22. Five significant properties of a virus
    • -obligate intracellular parasite
    • -viral genome is either DNA or RNA
    • -in host cell, virus uses the biochemical machinery of the host cell to make viral components
    • -progeny virions are assembled from the viral components
    • -virus has an extracellular infectious phase
  23. Satellite viruses are unable to replicate thier genomes

    A) True
    B) False
    A) True
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