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  1. What is primary gout?
    increased production of uric acid
  2. what is secondary gout?
    decreased excretion of monosodium urate
  3. What are some symptoms of hypouricemia?
    no symtoms
  4. What enzyme deficiency results in hyperuricemia?
  5. What enzyme is related to Lesch Nyhan syndrome?
    deficient HGPRT
  6. what enzyme can undergo and overreactive mutation and produce hyperuricemia?
    PRPP synthetase (produces too many purine nucleotides)
  7. What is the recommended treatment for secondary gout?
    uricosuric agents, increase renal clearance of uric acid by inhibiting reabsorption of urate
  8. What is the main treatment for primary gout?
    allopurinol, suicide inhibitor, similar to hypoxanthine and used as a substrate by xanthine oxidase
  9. what are the products formed when allopurinol is used?
    xanthine and hypoxanthine
  10. what drug is given to prevent tumor lysis syndrome?
    rasburicase, converts uric acid to water-soluble products
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