World History- Martin Luther

  1. Council of Trent
    condemned reformation of the church, and meeting at Trent.Changes: Heaven attainable through faith and good works. Emporwer the Inquisition- designed to find and destroy heresy. very strict punishment for greed&corruption. france, spain,portugal, and italy remained catholic.
  2. Diet of Worms
    a place in Germany, where there was a meeting condemning Martin Luther to Heresy
  3. Wartberg Castle
    where Martin Luther hid out after the meeting of the Diet of Worms
  4. Theology
    the study of God...what all geniuses of this time we perfect in.
  5. Isaac Newton
    wrote a book on the law of GRAVITY. and explains things of the universe. used mathematics to prove his theory of gravity
  6. Robert Boyle
    distinguished the difference between elements and chemical compounds&explained the effect of temperature and pressure on gases. mondern chemical analysis of the composition of MATTER.
  7. Rene Descartes
    scientific method also. "the matrix" "cogito ergo sum" "i think therefore i am"
  8. Sir Francis Bacon
    the scientific method! correlation vs causation
  9. Galileo
    italian. astronomical telescope, discovered moons move around Jupiter,and it has four. caused an uproar. put under house arrest for the rest of his life, because he did not remove his 'heresies'.
  10. Johan Kepler
    astronomer&mathemetician. He supported Copernicus's helio-centric center. he also showed that each planet didn't move in a perfect circle but oval shaped orbit. he could publish cause he lived in GERMANY.
  11. Nicholas Copernicus
    BEFORE: church leads all science, believes the earth to be in the center of the universe."Geo-Centric Solar System." HIM: "Helio-centric Solar System"-sun is the center. published his works posthumously-after death.
  12. Perspective
    technique of showing distant objects on a flat surface the way the eye actually sees them.
  13. Pope Leo X
    ordered a German Prince to find Martin Luther and put him on trial for life. excommunicated martin luther.
  14. Frederick III
    saved martin luther and hid him in his castle for 3 years.
  15. Johan Tetzel
    a priest selling indulgences outside of martin luther's concession,the people left his concession preaching to not buy indulgenences, to buy indulgences. Martin's last straw.
  16. Sects
    different branches of churches w/in the Protestants.
  17. Vernacular
    local language of the area
  18. Martin Luther
    writes the bible in GERMAN. wants common people to read it.Ended up being a monk. Got really mad when JOHAN TETZEL was selling indulgences outside his concession&found out pastors&the pope was having sex&drinking so he wrote the 95 theses. 95 complaints against the church.
  19. Anabaptists
    believe babies should not be baptized until they realize what promise they're making.
  20. Theocracy
    religious leaders are in charge
  21. Heresy
    Any teachings against the beliefs of the Church
  22. Predestination
    Calvinists believe. --the idead that God had long ago determied who would go to Heaven or hell
  23. John Calvin
    Wrote a book on how to run a protestant church, many of luther's ideas but they also varied. Calvinists in Geneva,Switzerland.
  24. William Shakespeare
    • Elizabethan Era. Plays at Globe Theatre. Poet.
    • Macbeth:
    • Life is but a passing fancy,
    • a fool player who strets and frets his hour on this stage,
    • and is heard no more.
    • it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury signifying nothing.
  25. Sir Thomas Moore
    Englishman. "Utopia" - blueprint of the perfect society
  26. Queen Elizabeth I
    daughter of Anne Boleyn. well loved. expanded international power of england, encourage a period of artistic achievements.
  27. Queen Mary I
    "Bloody Mary" Daughter of Catherine+Henry VIII,persecutes new Protestants. marries spain's king.
  28. Anne Boleyn
    Henry the 8ths 2nd wife. has elizabeth. henry kills her because she isn't producing sons,&accuses her of cheating on him--"why" shes killed. believed to truly love her.
  29. Catherine of Aragon
    Daughter of the king of Spain. marries then gets divorced by King Henry the 8th because she doesn't produce sons. and miscarriages.
  30. King Henry VIII (the 8th)
    • "Defender of the Faith"...1.Asks for divorce because Catherine isn't having sons. 2. Pope refuses (spain troops could invade the Vatican&kill him) 3. henry divorces her anyways.
    • He makes himself the head of the Church-many oppose b/c he's not the pope.
  31. Johan Guttenberg
    invented the PRINTING PRESS!!!! he printed the first complete edition of the Bible. copied by hand. a few thousand copies in the beginning. Cheaper so poor people could afford, started higher literacy.
  32. Niccolo Machievelli
    Italian--Wrote the 'Prince'- blueprint on politics..."Better to be Feared then Love"..."Ends do justify the Means"
  33. Jan VanEyck
    "The Andolini Portrait" with the husband and pregnant life...painted himself in the back in the mirror painting the portrait.
  34. Raphael
    Painter, made the School of Athens(all the great thinkers at an imaginery gathering),& of Madonna(mother of Jesus)
  35. Michelangelo
    Artist, sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, poet. Created: David, Pieta(mary holding Jesus), Sistine Chapel in Rome.
  36. Leonardo DaVinci
    Architect, Botany, Painter, Poet, Anatomy---> Vitruvian Man, Mona Lisa, The Last Supper..sketches for flying machines&undersea boats
  37. DeMedici Family
    Of Florence. Ranked among the richest merchants and bankers in Europe. Uncrowned rulers. Patrons to Leonardi DaVinci.
  38. Patron
    financial supporter of the arts
  39. Humanism?
    An intellectual movement. humanists studied the classical culture of Greece & Rome
  40. Florence?
    Why florence for renaissance? 1. Crusades brings back lots of earnings.2. close to Islam.3.lots of trade w/ italy!!
  41. Renaissance?
    REBIRTH.Starts in Florence, Italy.
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