Chapter 50 Vocab

  1. adeo
    so much, to such an extent
  2. nuper
  3. despondeo, despondere, despondi, desponsus
  4. lucet, lucere, luxit
    it is light
  5. id quod
    that which, a thing which
  6. oportet, oportere, oportuit
    it is fitting, one ought
  7. serenus, a, um
    clear, bright
  8. neglego, neglegere, neglexi, neglectus
    to neglect
  9. submissus, a, um
    quiet, subdued, soft
  10. taedet, taedere, taesum est
    it bores
  11. iuvenis, iuvenis (m.)
    young man
  12. Me taedet solitudinis
    I am bored with the / tired of the solitude
  13. deditus, a, um
    devoted, dedicated
  14. observo, observare, observavi, observatus
    to watch, pay attention to
  15. heus
    Hey, Hey there!
  16. Festinare te oportet
    It is fitting that you hurry
  17. epulae, arum (f. pl.)
    banquet, feast
  18. gens, gentis (f.)
    family, clan, tribe, nation
  19. Non decet patrem despondere filiam
    It is not fitting that a father should betroth his daughter.
  20. avis, avis (common: either masc or fem.)
  21. sol, solis (m.)
  22. decet, decere, decuit
    it is becoming, fitting; one should
  23. similis, e
    similar to
  24. curae esse
    to be a cause of anxiety
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Chapter 50 Vocab
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