Quiz 3

  1. Objects of AKPsi?
    • 1. To further individual welfare of members
    • 2. To foster scientific research in fields of commerce, accounts, and finance
    • 3. To educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein
    • 4. To promote and advance in institutions of college rank, courses leading to degrees in business administration.
  2. Address of the Heritage Center?
    7801 East 88th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46256
  3. Phone number of the Heritage Center?
  4. 2 Responsibilites of the board of directors?
    • -Set policies and procedures to guide fraternity
    • -Act as the supreme governing body of the fraternity between Chapter Congresses
    • -Approve fraternity budget
    • -Approve annual goals of the fraternity
    • -Oversee performance of the CEO
    • -Strategic Planning
  5. Responsibilities of the Chapter Congress?
    • -To consider and vote on amendments to the consitution, and statutory code, as well as articles of incorporation
    • -Sets fees for student members
    • -Elects the fraternity officers and board of directors
  6. Main responsibility of fraternity's managment team?
    • -Oversees operations of chapters
    • -Manages alumni volunteers
  7. 2 responsibilties of the Heritage center?
    • -Maintains the financial and membership records of the Fraternity and the Alpha Kappa Psi Foundation;
    • -Receives and disburses all Fraternity funds;
    • -Maintains addresses and records for all members and chapters;
    • -Issues all certificates and membership cards;
    • -Edits and distributes all Fraternity publications;
    • -Purchases and distributes chapter supplies, emblems, and insignia;
    • -Administers the performance evaluation of chapters;
    • -Handles all general correspondence for Fraternity activities;
    • -Aids in arranging and publicizing all Fraternity and Foundation educational programs;
    • -Keeps the minutes of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee;
    • -Conducts expansion activities and arranges for installations;
    • -Distributes ritual supplies and official jewelry;
    • -Prepares reports for Fraternity meetings;
    • -Conducts public relations for the Fraternity;
    • -Processes applications for honorary memberships and distinguished service awards;
    • -Follows up on all past due accounts;
    • -Performs the directives of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee;
    • -Supervises chapters when necessary.
  8. CEO?
    Gary Epperson
  9. Chairman of Board of Directors
    Daniel Roselli
  10. President?
    Andrea Nemeth
  11. Executive Vice President?
    Alexander Sultan
  12. Thirteen Regions of the Fraternity?
    • 1. Central
    • 2. Eastcentral
    • 3. Eastern
    • 4. Mideast
    • 5. Midwest
    • 6. Northcentral
    • 7. Northeast
    • 8. Northwest
    • 9. Southcentral
    • 10. Southeast
    • 11. Southern
    • 12. Southwest
    • 13. Westcentral
  13. 2 purposes of biennial convention?
    • 1. To hold the chapter congress
    • 2. To host the college of leadership
  14. What are the governing documents?
    • -Constitution and Statutory Code
    • -Board of Directors Statements of policy
  15. Members of the Executive Committee?
    • President- Laruen Groeper
    • VP Efficiency- Fawwaz Ahmed
    • VP Pledge Instruction- Ryan Newton
    • VP Marketing- Carly Bothe
    • VP Service- Abby Bergstrom
    • VP Alumni- Lisa Czerwinski
    • VP Finance- Abby Davis
    • VP ACR- Jonathan Dahlman
    • Secretary- Kaila Krum
    • Master of Rituals- Jason Kruse
    • Warden- Ben Lockin, Tao Yunshan
    • Historian- Annie Taylor, Marissa Paulsen
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