SFRS Gr2 Unit 1

  1. someone
    I think someone is at the door.
  2. everywhere
    I go everywhere with my best friend.
  3. live
    I live in Bath, NY.
  4. couldn't
    I couldn't lift the big box.
  5. love
    I love the new gym.
  6. somewhere
    Please put your pencil somewhere.
  7. eyes
    I opened my eyes and saw the sunshine.
  8. together
    We can play baseball together.
  9. very
    My dad is very strong.
  10. friend
    My friend helps me when I need it.
  11. country
    Iris began liking the country.
  12. work
    Reading can take a lot of work.
  13. woman
    I saw the woman at the store.
  14. build
    I want to build a house.
  15. mother
    My mother loves me very much.
  16. early
    I got up early in the morning.
  17. animals
    The zoo had lots of animals.
  18. learn
    I can learn a lot from others.
  19. often
    I often sing in the shower.
  20. beautiful
    The rose was beautiful.
  21. front
    I am in the front of the line.
  22. machines
    There are machines that make socks.
  23. move
    I move my feet when I walk.
  24. bear
    Henry did not want to see a bear.
  25. father
    My father is very strong.
  26. full
    My bag is full of books.
  27. warm
    The sun made me feel warm.
  28. though
    Even though I woke up late, I made it to school on time.
  29. gone
    The goldfish are almost gone.
  30. straight
    I walk in a straight line.
  31. pieces
    The puzzle had many pieces.
  32. world
    The world has many landforms.
  33. water
    Water is good for you.
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