vocab 7

  1. antebellum
    Of a period before a war, especially the american civil war.
  2. antecedent
    A thing or even that preceds.

    The noun to which a pronoung refers
  3. anterior
    Coming before in position or time
  4. avant-garde
    Ahead of the times, especially in the arts

    A group that is ahead of times
  5. Vangaurd
    The foremost position, especially of an army or fleet.

    Leaders of a movement, fashion, etc.
  6. precept
    A command; a rule of conduct.
  7. predestination
    The belief that what happens in human life has already been determined by some higher power
  8. Preeempt, Pre-empt
    To take possession of something before anyone else can do so.
  9. premonition
    A warning in advance
  10. preposterous
    Absurd; contrary to nature or reason
  11. pretentious
    Showy; pompous; claiming injustified distinction
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