Zoology Lecture 15

  1. Molluscanshells can be modeled by which of the following basic solid geometry objects? –Hemisphere –Cone –Pyramid –Cube –Cylinder
    • Cone cause it grows ever outwards bot in no other way like a cone would grow
    • /^\
    • / \ etc.
  2. Odontophore apparatus what is ment by this
    the base of the radula
  3. Why did the molluscan mdigut even evolve
    the molluscan midguy evolved to process fine particles produced by the odontophore aparatus
  4. Give the structure names of the molluscan midgut
    • Crop
    • Stomach
    • Hepatopancrease
    • intestine
  5. give a generalized idea of where food goes starting from the foregut
    forgut to the revovleing "style" which grinds the food down where it will either then go out to the intesitnes or ir will go to the hepatapancrease and then out to the intestines
  6. When they say polyplachophora you say
  7. When they say gastropoda you say
    snails and slugs
  8. when they say bivalvia you say
    clams mussles oysters and shipworms
  9. when they say cepholopoda you say
    squids octapus and cuttlefish
  10. Torsin in gastropods just saying
  11. When does torsion occur in gastropods
    torsion occurs during gastropod develoment
  12. How many stages are there to torsion
  13. What are some advantages to torsion of the body
    • quicker retreat
    • better balance
  14. How is breathing accomplished in molluscs
    ctenidia (the cmb thing at the posterior on non torsioned molluscs)
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