411 Ch 6

  1. Acclimatization
    A form of non hereditary adaptation through which an individual compensates for a complex of environmental factors
  2. Ecological Amplitude
    The range of tolerance to environmental conditions and/or factors
  3. Environmental stress
    An external condition that causes a potentially injurious change in biological systems
  4. Essential Resource
    Materials that are required to support a group
  5. Homeostasis
    The relative constancy of internal body conditions.
  6. Key resources Law of the Minimum
    Essential resources that are expensive, rare, or simply difficult to acquire.
  7. Law of Tolerance
    The principle that, under steady-state conditions, growth, and development of an organism are dependent on all requisite needs being present in at least minimal amounts
  8. Limiting factor
    That environment component whose presence is beyound the limits of tolerance required for growth and development of an organims.
  9. Phenotypic Plasticity
    Observable biological changes that are induced by the environment.

  10. Reaction norm

    Observable changes in organism that vary as a function of environmental variation.
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