411 Ch 12

  1. Alpine Tundra
    A region in mountainous areas above tree line that is characterized by dwarf plants; unlike arctic tundra, there is no permafrost.
  2. Biome
    A large terrestrial ecosystem that occurs on major regional subcontient area.
  3. Boreal Forst
    The curcumplar, sub arctic coniferous forest of high northern latitudes/ also known as taiga
  4. Deciduous forest
    The borad-leaved forest of the middle latitudes in which leaves are shed seasonally
  5. Desert
    Bush covered land of arid regions in which the plants are quite dispersed with much bare ground between them
  6. Grassland
    Areas covered by vegetation dominated by grasses; referred to as steppes in Europe and Asia, llanos or pampas in South America
  7. Litter
    The accumulation of dead plant and animal matter on the soil surface.
  8. Permafrost
    Permanently frozen soil at a depth of a few centimeters to several meters and characteristic of tundra.
  9. Savanna
    A tropical or subtropical grassland ecosystem
  10. Taiga
    See boreal forest
  11. Tropical Rainforest
    The evergreen forests of the permanently wet tropics

  12. Tundra

    A plain characterized by the absence of trees, the predominance of dwarfed plants, and an upper ground surface that is spongy and uneven.
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