Orthodontic Appliances

  1. list 2 advantages/disadvantages of removable appliances
    • advantages:
    • 1. removable for social situations
    • 2. made in lab rather than by dentist (less chair time)
    • disadvantage:
    • 1. response to tx heavily depends on patient compliance
    • 2. difficult to obtain two-point contacts necessary to produce complex tooth movements
  2. what 2 types of movement can be produced with a removable appliance?
    arch expansion and repositioning of individual teeth
  3. define functional appliance
    one that changes the posture of the mandible, holding it open or forward/open. pressures created by stretch of the muscles and soft tissues move tooth and modify growth.
  4. list 4 major advantages of fixed appliances compared to removable
    • fixed:
    • 1. bodily translation (removable: tipping only)
    • 2. control of root movement
    • 3. results less dependent on patient compliance
    • 4. less hygienic (well not really and advantage but it's on the study guide...)
  5. define 1st/2nd/3rd order bends
    • 1st order: horizontal plane
    • 2nd order: MD angulation
    • 3rd order: Labiolingual angulation
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