Path Section 1-Most Common

  1. what is the dominate pattern of Arteriosclerosis?
  2. what is the classic example of a vasculitis syndrome?
    Polyarteritis Nodosa
  3. which vasculitis syndrome is c-ANCA is positive in 95% of patients
    wegener granulomatosis
  4. what is the most common form of arteritis?
    giant cell arteritis
  5. most common hypertension by etiology
  6. most common hypertension by clinical course
  7. most common lymphedema?
    secondary lymphedema
  8. most common cause of L side CHF
    ischemic heart disease
  9. most common clinical manifestation of of CHF on the lungs
  10. most common cause of R side CHF
    most often follows L side failure
  11. leading cause of death in US (as a group)
    ischemic heart disease = coronary heart disease
  12. most common form of ischemic heart disease
    chronic ischemic heart disease
  13. single most frequent cause of death in US
  14. transmural or subendothelial MI; which is more common and wose
  15. most common cause of MI
  16. for transmural infarcts, 95% of cases have ______
    superimposed thrombosis
  17. regarding MI, get irreversible cell injury when?
    20-40 mins
  18. regarding MI, get lesion that is maximally soft and weak and most likely to rupture when?
    7-10 days
  19. in sudden cardiac death, the mech of death is almost always what
  20. most common clinical sign of a congenital heart defect is
    a heart murmur
  21. most common congenital heart defect
    ventricular septal defect
  22. most serious and common L to R shunt defect
    ventricular septa defect
  23. most lethal congenital heart disease (or maybe just most lethal shunting defect????)
    transposition of great vessels
  24. most common cardiac valve disease in the US
    mitral valve prolapse
  25. Aschoff body is a pathognomonic lesion of what?
    rheumatic fever/heart disease
  26. formed of bacteria and exudate, infective/valvular vegetations are most associated with what
    infective endocarditis
  27. most cases 50-60% of IE caused by what---and its called subacute bacterial endocarditis
    a strep viridans
  28. 20% of infective endocarditis caused by what
    and it is the MOST common cause o fo acute infetive endo
    S aureus
  29. most common cause of myocarditis
    inflammation is the primary mech of injury to the myocardium
  30. most common type of pericarditis
  31. what is the hallmark of obstructive lung diseases
    decreased expiratory flow rate
  32. which type of asthma is worse and more frequently leads to status asthmaticis
  33. emphysema is a COPD disease, what is the most common cause
  34. what are the major source of protease
  35. smoking inhibits what, which is the major inhibitor or proteases (elastase)
  36. what is the first symptom for emphysema
  37. which are more common, pink puffers or blue bloaters?
    blue bloaters
  38. what is the # 1 cause of chronic bronchitis
  39. what is the most common form of chronic bronchitis
    simple chronic
  40. what is the least common form of chronic bronchitis
    chronic obstructive bronchitis
  41. what is the major target site for Sarcoidosis
    lymph nodes--hilar and paratracheal
  42. regarding acute bacterial pneumonias, which is more serious; bronco or lobar pneumonia
  43. most common lobar pneumoniae
    streptococcus pneumoniae
  44. which lobar pneumonia has a higher mortality rate
    klebsiella pneumonia
  45. which broncho pneumonia is very lethal
    legionella pneumonphilia
  46. most common primary atypical pneumonia
    mycoplasma pneumoniae
  47. important cause of community acquired atypical pneumonia
    chlamydia pneumoniae
  48. what is the most important risk factor for TB
    HIV infection
  49. what is the most common cause of secondary TB
    reactivation of dormant primary lesions from primary TB
  50. what is the leading cause of death from malignancy in industrialized contries
    bronchogenic carcinoma
  51. what is the dominate cause of lung cancer
    cigarette smoking
  52. most common bronchogenic carcinoma
  53. worse prognosis of bronchogenic carcinomas
    small cell carcinoma
  54. worst primary lung tumor
    malignant mesothelioma
  55. defining characteristic of Azotemia
    • elevated BUN
    • --creatinine levels are usually elevated too, but its not a defining charastic
  56. in glomerulonephritis, what mech are the most common
  57. what is the the most common end stage renal disease
    chronic glomerulonephritis
  58. in acute pyelonephritis what is the most common bacteria and mechanism
    ecoli and ascending infection
  59. what is the most common cause of acute renal failure
    acute tubular necrosis
  60. what is the #1 symptom of renal stones due to obstruction
  61. what is the most common cause of hydronephrosis
    nodular hyperplasia of the prostate
  62. most common malignant renal tumor and most common cause is smoking
    renal cell carcinoma
  63. most common symptom of wilms tumor
    abdominal mass
  64. most common tumor of the urinary collecting system
    transitional cell carcinoma
  65. most likely place to get transitional cell carcinoma
    also has the best prognosis

    worst site for prognosis

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